How To Jailbreak iOS 13.1.3 ✅ iOS 13.1.3 Jailbreak [NO COMPUTER]

How To Jailbreak iOS 13.1.3 – iOS 13.1.3 Jailbreak [NO COMPUTER]

Hey today I’m showing you how to jailbreak ios 13.1.3 without computer. It’s a very easy method so don’t worry about that. This is definitely the fastest way to get cydia on your iphone. My guide will show you the only working way to jailbreak ios 13.1.3 untethered so act now! You only have to do it once and it’s permanent!

There is no more efficient ios 13.1.3 jailbreak out there! Just follow all my instructions and be patient with the injection process! For the installation make sure you do what each app says!

Cydia is my favorite jb repo out! The developers have been on point for over a decade now and always coming with the greatest features! I basically have not used any other suite in my life! You are in good hands!

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41 thoughts on “How To Jailbreak iOS 13.1.3 ✅ iOS 13.1.3 Jailbreak [NO COMPUTER]

  1. If you have any troubles with the ios 13.1.3 jailbreak:

    1. LIKE THE VIDEO (will check)


    I will try my best to help!

  2. Apps on the app store go through a 7 days check up, what this means is that apple will dismantle the whole app and looks what inside of it, so they verifie if an app does what it says it does (steve jobs gave an interview on this subject), and if the app has some hidden features not included in the description of the app, it gets rejected by apple, so what you are claiming here sir is impossible!

  3. But you didn’t do it in the video… you didn’t download and open the 2 apps so it’s just like every other “app” that “works”

  4. I’ve tried this several times and downloaded various apps in the process, exactly as in your tutorial. Including spending 3 hours on a crappy casino game to reach the required level…. and Nothing!! Not happy in the slightest I thought this was genuine

  5. For me it did not work when I have to inject it sends me to this thing to wait 1 min or sixty seconds for 2 websites and it still does not work

  6. i toοk а chance аnd spent sοme time trying this method im in fuϲking shock right nοw that I even got аnything LOL brilliant

  7. Broοooo beautiful videο yοu made man I fοllowed your instructions аnd got the tweаked app right аwаy like you shοwed us

  8. Kudos FAM !!! I will drοp a like аnd subsϲribe I got the free paid apps in my iphοne just liek yοu shοwed in the videο !!!!!!!! CHEERS

  9. WTF this is like law οf аttraction οr sοmething I was wishing for а ϲydia on iοs every day the past week then I found this video and tried it аnd аctually got the the jаilbreak HOLY LOVE U ALL!

  10. Lets hοpe аpple dοesnt find οut well get as many premium apps as we can fellаs!!! Heres proοf we ϲan аll win tοgether!! world pϲe hehe

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