How to Stop Caring What People Think of You

How to stop caring about what people think of you – my thoughts on how to stop people pleasing, living for others, and being afraid of judgment, criticisms, etc. and how to start living your best life for yourself.

Happy 5th birthday to Lavendaire! I thought I’d take this opportunity to reflect on the first video I posted on this channel and share what I’ve learned over the past 5 years. 😸 Thank you for sticking with me over the years! I’m so grateful for you & this beautiful community ✨ My life has completely transformed these past 5 years – I’m so lucky to be able to experience this and share it with all of you. I can’t wait to see where the next 5 years takes us!

Now I’d love to hear: what’s your favorite Lavendaire video?

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I’m Aileen, a lifestyle blogger sharing knowledge and inspiration on creating your dream life.

Lavendaire is my blog about personal growth + lifestyle design. Follow along and learn how you can create a life you love.

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38 thoughts on “How to Stop Caring What People Think of You

  1. Happy 5th birthday to Lavendaire! 😸 Thanks for all your support over the years! I'm so grateful for you & this beautiful community ✨ My life has completely transformed these past 5 years – I'm so lucky to be able to experience this and share it with all of you. I can't wait to see where the next 5 years takes us!

    Now I'd love to hear: what's your favorite Lavendaire video?

    Side note: After I filmed this video I wanted to screenshot examples of negative comments but I noticed that when intentionally searching for those comments, I had to scroll so much through so many positive and kind comments that the negative ones were hard to find lol. The reality is, I get so many more positive comments than negative/criticizing ones, but our brains tend to focus on the negative & blow it out of proportion because it affect us more. Just a friendly reminder to focus on the good and what's going right in your life vs. the negative 🙂 Love you!!

  2. Everyone needs motivation & inspiration to grow & progress in life, to become a better person. Yes emphasis more topics on learning life lessons, love your video ❤️💓💓 keep going 👌👌👍

  3. I am so proud of you! You’ve made a huge difference in how I view myself and the power I have as a woman! I love you so much. Sending you lots of love and positive vibrations from SOUTH AFRICA!!! xx

  4. man! you always make me fall in love with myself. i always find myself exactly there, where you put your absolute point in your every single video. love you honey. god bless you 🙂

  5. This video really helped me! The day after I was really happy and I’ve started to open up from my shyness now. Thank you so much!!!

  6. we have all heard this phrase "nobody is perfect", but me, I think of something else "each of us is perfect according to himself".
    I do not know if it's the right way to say that (English is not my native language), but I can take me as a example: for me, I'm perfect because I create creterias to be perfect depending on who I am.
    So, I'm perfect, with my qualities and my flaws, like everyone else.
    And those criterias change over time since the person I am today is not the one of tomorrow.

    I do not know if you understand my thought but I try anyway.

  7. wow good on you! you have grown amazingly – have been following for a while – more as a spectator than engager. but your steps are amazing. Actually inspire my content on my page! so thank you 🙂

  8. Great message! It makes me think of the song "Die Vampire Die!" from the musical '[title of show]', which has a similar message. It's worth a listen, but heads up: The song is NSFW!

  9. Thank you ! Aileen .You are always full of hope and positivity . I love watching ur videos because they inspire me so much . They make me look at the positive side of Life . I once again Thank u . I feel I have got another mentor 🙂

  10. Hi, I'm new on your channel. 🙂 I just want you to know that I think you're amazing! I just saw a few of you're videos here on Youtube and somehow you really maneged to cheer me up. Thank so much for that. 😀

  11. dude im studying for the first time for a test that is tomorrow… i have other hw too. y the heck am i so chill lol

  12. You've just saved my day. 🙂
    I got married last month, and it was the happiest day of my life, because I married my true love and my best friend. 🙂 The wedding was absolutely amazing, even better than I could possibly imagine, I felt like a Disney princess the whole day.
    A couple of days after the wedding I talked to my bridesmaid, the only bridesmaid I had… And all she had to say is just the negative stuff about my family, my husband's family, the food, the music… Well, she did like my look and the wedding cake, but that's all.
    I don't know why she said that, but it hurts so bad I couldn't stop thinking about it up until now. My mind just would filter out all positive things that other guests said: that it was the most beautiful wedding that they've ever seen, that the food was delicious, that the ceremony was so emotional the barely could hide their tears.
    I guess I've chosen the wrong person to be a bridesmaid.

  13. I really love how you are so authentic and loving! I love you a lot ♥️✨
    Thank you so much for your presence♥️

  14. Your channel is amazing. Both aesthetically and the content. You appear very authentic and what you are saying resonates with me 100%

  15. Hello Lavendaire, you got yourself a new fan…I just subscribed to your channel…It was just a coincidence that i found and saw your channel while i was doing a search on essential oils…From there i started checking out all yr videos, and how i love all of it.. So glad i found you…!! So inspiring with all your positive thoughts…Love you Lavendaire ….!!!

  16. Happy 5th birthday lavendaire 🎆🎊🎋🎉… Ur videos are amxing… Have motivated me a lot…. I loved the dream life series…. Firstly it was amazing…. Secondly it was the first vdo which i actually applied in life…. Though i am not applying it now…. U still inspire me…. Loads of love and positive vibes that u send to us hope it reaches back to u too….. Stay amazing…

  17. Great video! It's so important that we let go of negativity from other people and ourselves and let the hurtful comments go.

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