Hyperthyroidism – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

What is hyperthyroidism? It refers to a condition where there are excess thyroid hormones.

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38 thoughts on “Hyperthyroidism – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

  1. I'm sweating abnormally and have heat intolerances because of this disease and i literally was born in one of the hottest countries on earth :((

  2. I am suffering bfrom this problem since 3 years.. After my son birth.. I m too weak.. My still weight is 40 kg.. I am taking drugs like.. Newmercazole and inderal.. But no effects is showing

  3. I was diagnosed with a 6 cm toxic nodule on my thyroid this past December & got it removed May 1st. I talk all about my story, symptoms, the surgery, & my surgical team that I’d recommend to ANYONE in my “meeting my thyroid tumor” video on my channel! I also have my social media linked in case anyone with similar issues wanted to talk 🙂

  4. Hi. Lately, i experienced trauma. I'm always shaking whenever i saw that person. I just wanna ask if it is dangerous? Cause i have hyperthyroidism.

  5. I always loved Osmosis but this video doens’t go in depth as the other ones. I like having things fully explained and not just what they are so I hope Osmosis tries to retain the same level of depth as most of the other videos.

  6. I got results in yesterday and they told me that my TSH levels are at 0.076. I’m pretty concerned but at the same time relieved to have some type of answer to my symptoms. I’ve lost weight (at first I attributed it to poor eating habits from depression / stress…but I’ve lost close to 20 lbs in a little over a month. I’ve never lost that amount so rapidly unless I literally went without eating for daaaays). My thoughts are out of wack, I’m randomly upset with people over the smallest things they do and it’s gotten to the point where I HATE them for a day or so but then realize how ridiculous I’m being and apologize. I’ve been extremely fatigued and have brain fog. I’ve experienced hair loss for actually quite a while. The past two weeks it’s gotten waaaay worse—to the point where I constantly feel like I’m going to pass out. My blood pressure is very high now (last checked it was 130/82).

    I’m worried and I’m scared that either I’m over reacting about the low TSH levels and I actually don’t really have a serious problem, or I have a serious problem and it’s going to be permanent.

    I feel stupid for typing this all out, but I’m just very concerned. I’m beginning to question my own reality because of how bad my moods and thoughts have been lately, especially these past two weeks.

  7. Hello Osmosis. I think you need to fix this video's subtitles. There's something wrong with them. Watch the video and you'll see what I mean.

  8. 5:00 What do you mean, if ongoing for a long time? Is there a cure? Isn't it ALWAYS ongoing?
    That aside, this video explained it to me 10 times better than the 2 doctors I've been frequenting my whole life. How hard is it to actually inform me of the symptoms that might arise due to high levels of thyroid hormone? It's shameful that I have to get that from a youtube video.

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  10. This video isn't at the same level of high standard as most of your other videos. There are some mistakes and things aren't explained completely and clearly. I watched zerotofinals for hyperthyroidism and it does a better job.

  11. Thank you, very good description, there is so little information on this subject, this helps to fully understand hyperthyroidism. I had to have surgery, but it requires 2 surgeries due to the increase of calcium into the bloodstream (hypercalcemia), causes blockage in the kidneys, so this needs to be removed as well. One other point, I was told that avoiding surgery causes hunchback and protruding jaw from this excess calcium depositing in these places????????

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