iOS 13.2.3 Released – It’s FINALLY Fixed!

iOS 13.2.3 Released – What’s New? | iOS 13.2.3 Changes & Features (Review)

Apple just released iOS 13.2.2 to the general public, and in this video, we cover what’s new in the software and whether or not you should update from iOS 13.2 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

This 13.2.3 update fixes the super annoying Messages nasty RAM management issue that starting happening with iOS 13.2, along with other important changes and fixes.

iOS 13.2.2 Released! ..Here’s why you NEED to Update:
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Did you update to iOS 13.2.3 yet? Or are you already on iOS 13.3 beta?

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48 thoughts on “iOS 13.2.3 Released – It’s FINALLY Fixed!

  1. Ok I have not had any problems with my iPhone 11Pro. I never have any bug problems ever that all u ppl complained about. Actually in the past 10 years of owning iPhones I have never ever had any problems with any of my iPhones, no bugs, nothing. I always wondered if ppl were just lying. Or exaggerating. Or maybe I’ve just been lucky. I honestly don’t even want to install any more updates and wasting space. I don’t need them. I never do

  2. When will Apple finally fix all the Exchange Mail issues? I still have issues of mail not sorting properly (date and time received) as well as having to constantly refresh the mail screen to see new mail. “Pushing” email seems to be a lost art for Apple.

  3. I have a iPhone 6s Plus and I was on iOS 13, then most of the time my social media apps would crash consistently…. now since I’ve updated to 13.2.3 I see a lot of improvement… my phone works faster now

  4. Your video is fucking annoying with the 13.2.. that I had to change to another video about the same thing. Sorry for telling you , just being honest. I just came back to tel you this.

  5. Do anyone of you has experienced a washed out wallpaper after changing the same wallpaper in setting the colours look washed out but after restarting it gets fine

  6. You NEED to complain about frequent updates; frequent updates are a sign of POOR software development processes. Apple's response is to do more testing in iOS 14. But every Software Engineer knows you don't test in quality, you design it in. I'm seriously looking at Android for the first time.

  7. Lol…why is it that you guys that are telling us all about our phones never mention the elephant in the room? Namely, that Safari continues to crash? Y’all never say one word about that. How come?

    It’s one of the most obvious and apparent problems, but it’s never even mentioned on any of these “problem“ videos. 🙄

  8. This was one of the best iOS 13 updates on my XS so far. It improved app load times. Firefox is now quicker than Safari!

  9. to be honest i have an iphone 6s and the ios 13 have giving so many problems ,,,,,even the ios 13.2.3….latest update ,,,,my screen rotation not working

  10. terrible battery drain on my 11 pro max really disappointed could expect this on a beta but on a non beta version? Pathetic. I feel like this could damage my battery

  11. My problem is twitter and other apps go blank on my iPad Pro 2018 when I reply to someone and it’s super annoying

  12. ⠠⠹⠁⠞⠎⠀⠛⠕⠕⠙⠲⠀⠠⠊⠀⠓⠕⠏⠑⠀⠞⠕⠀⠎⠑⠑⠀⠠⠁⠏⠏⠇⠑⠀⠊⠍⠏⠗⠕⠧⠑⠀⠊⠝⠀⠮⠀⠋⠥⠞⠬⠗⠑⠲

  13. I just downloaded and installed 13.2.3 on my XS Max and it actually broke my mail app. It’s stuck on “downloading 1 of 1” even after force closing several times…

  14. Battery life here sucks! My iphone X have 99% battery health. Took off my phone from being charged at 94%, it was only used for 3hrs and 31 minutes with normal browsing, it went down to 31%.. before this update, I can get 6-7hrs screen time on 13.1.3. Apple!!! Please fix this!

  15. Iphone 11 – 13.2.3
    Iphone in locked sleep mode.
    Alarm goes off, but no vibration.
    If face ID connects, & phone unlocks, then the vibration happens.

  16. My 11 iPhone pro big problem is the antenna for Metal roofs. Poor service. My old phone iPhone 7 Plus I Had better service. No happy with that. But I do enjoy my new phone still. I just hope It’s fix better soon. Thank you for your time.

  17. I only see links in Messages Info if the other person or someone in the group has iMessage. I don’t see links if it’s a text message.

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