iOS 13 Beta 8 is out! – What’s New?

iOS 13 Developer Beta 8 and iOS 13 Public Beta 7 are out for all supported iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch. iOS 13 Beta 8 brings us very close to what feels like a finalized version of iOS 13. Beta 8 is super fast and it seems iOS 13 apps launch super fast now. We are one step closer to iOS 13 GM and the final release. #ios13 #ios #apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Start
00:20 – Size
00:37 – Build number
01:05 – Known issues and resolved issues
01:47 – New features and changes
02:23 – 3D Touch and Haptic touch
03:35 – Issues not yet resolved
04:25 – Fixed features and bugs
05:20 – iPad OS
05:39 – Battery life
06:12 – Voice to Text
06:35 – Games
07:16 – Geekbench
08:02 – iOS 13 release date
08:34 -Conclusion
08:57 – Outro
09:17 – End

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34 thoughts on “iOS 13 Beta 8 is out! – What’s New?

  1. there are still bugs even more on beta 8 with me on the iPad pro for example. the messenger opens half black and I have to close and reopen and other applications skin gets distorted

  2. There was a bug in books app.
    Use a file of around 300-400 pages and around 40 files of random page number. And app crashes. Please report it.

  3. I get some bug in Safari, I make a screen shot in Safari and after saving it in photo, I couldn’t go back. Unless I put it to sleep and wake it up before I could swipe back.

  4. @zollotech i am unable to download the wallpaper. It shows some other wallpaper, don’t know whats the reason. Loved this wallpaper so much!

  5. Hello, great Video👍🏻 Which wallpapers do you use? I would like to have the same one because I like it very much. Nice day.

  6. Been trying to download and install the public beta 7, downloaded the profile, and always said update failed. Not sure why. My wifi connection is good. Have tried restart the phone and my wifi on and off many times, still not working. Anyone experiencing the same? Anyway, good video as always Aaron, subs you since day 1. Keep it up 😊💪🏻

  7. Every since I update my phone to beta version 8 my speaker stop working ( the speaker you need to talk on the phone ) and every time I try to use FaceTime it fails and hang up so I’m worrying is anyone else having this problem or is it my phone lol

  8. Starting Siri with a double tap on my AirPods or via my EarPods doesn’t work as expected in iOS 13. I get no tone in my headphones and Siri is just active for texting on the screen. I have an iPhone X. Anyone else having this problem?

  9. Hey Aaron ..
    I have got an Apple Watch series 4
    But I haven’t updated to watch os 6
    Will my watch never get connected to my phone ?
    Kindly reply

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