iPad 7th Generation 10.2″ Full Review – Apple’s Entry Level Low Cost iPad

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Apple’s new seventh gen iPad offers a larger screen and a keyboard connector but has the same internals as the 6th generation version. See more iPad reviews: and subscribe!

00:46 – Cost
01:05 – Display
02:10 – Apple Pencil Support
02:26 – Smart Keyboard Support
03:38 – Weight
04:16 – TouchID Sensor / Home Button
04:33 – Gesture navigation
04:47 – Cameras
05:22 – Buttons and Ports
05:35 – Speakers
05:43 – Lightning Connector
06:20 – Processor and Performance
07:24 – 3Dmark test
07:52 – Gaming Performance
08:31 – Video Editing
09:23 – Apple Pencil Performance
10:26 – Battery Life
10:53 – Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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22 thoughts on “iPad 7th Generation 10.2″ Full Review – Apple’s Entry Level Low Cost iPad

  1. Soon I will by the combo of iPad, keyboard and pencil.Its a nice price-value offer. Clever Apple strategy to hook students and teachers especially.

    I'm so happy you didn't hype it up to be a revolutionary new piece of tech, when its largely… The exact same as the older model.

    Honest, clear, well done!

  3. One thing I didn't cover in this video (that a lot of you have noted in the comments) is the additional 1GB of RAM over the prior version. It'll be slightly faster for application switching if it's able to keep the app in RAM vs. having to reload it. But for the most part general consumers using these devices will not notice the difference. There is a chance this might extend how long Apple supports it vs. the 6th gen with future iPadOS updates. The extra gig might allow for it to accommodate more features in upcoming OS releases..

  4. Hi just need some help just bought one and I need a case but I can’t find one will this work with the iPad Air 3 cases if you could drop a comment it would really help thanks

  5. I bought 6th gen ipad 3 weeks ago and now i want to sell it and buy 7th gen because of that extra gb of ram, is it worth it? Pleas help with advice.

  6. 300$ isnt low cost for a tablet. You can buy a decent laptop for that amount of money that will outperform this tablet in every way

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