iPad Air 3 (2019) Unboxing & Review! The Perfect Size

Apple’s third generation iPad Air packs a gorgeous 10.5-inch display, Apple Pencil 1 support, Touch ID, a headphone jack, two stereo speakers and the lightning fast A12 Bionic chip. And it costs $499, which makes it the mid-range option as part of Apple’s all-to-confusing 2019 iPad lineup. It’s one of my favorite iPads ever, but there are shortcomings as expected. Here’s my early unboxing and review!

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36 thoughts on “iPad Air 3 (2019) Unboxing & Review! The Perfect Size

  1. I just bought my gold ipad air wifi with 64gb and it’s perfect! I ‘m a student and I really hope I can buy the apple pencil soon. Also excited for ipados13 for more functionality!

  2. Got my ipad air 3 for460$ canadian or 350$ us… no way im getting better value out of the 2017 ipad pro when it costs 600$ canadian… The only thing im missing is the quad speakers which would have been great to have since i watch a lot of stuff and listen to music. Might upgrade to the ipad 11 pro next year when i have enough money and I can resell the air 3 for a good price donkkkk

  3. I should buy the air
    it has a big screen
    And I can connect a keyboard to it
    plus I can watch YouTube easily and a big screen
    the size is perfect
    gaming on it is easy (for me)
    more resolution

  4. Great review, clearly stated and perfect speed. Very pleasant presentation. I bought one of these iPads yesterday, it's perfect for me. I don't care about the camera or sound, but the speed is important. Thanks so much!

  5. If you're going to edit 4k videos i guess i will be very good it's cheaper than the 2018 pro and updated processor than 2017 pro
    Screen is good and of course will be better over all device than iphon xr

  6. Just bought an iPad Pro 2017 yesterday…better screen ,better camera ; and much much much better speakers plus a headphone jack and it was 649 euro….I am very happy with my purchase,

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