iPhone 11 Max Camera is Beast! Latest Apple Leaks

New iPhone 11 Max camera details, exciting inner lens design, iOS 13 leaks, watchOS 6 features, 5G iPhone & more Apple news!

Final iPhone 11 design leaks.

Last Apple news.

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iPhone 11 Leak.


iOS 13 iPad concept.

watchOS 6 concept.

iOS 13 concepts. (Screens during renders)

more ios 13 stuff. (Screens during renders)

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31 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Max Camera is Beast! Latest Apple Leaks

  1. Apple engineers: we don’t have anything else to add… we’ve made complete phones since the iPhone 6

    Apple big cheeses: give it 3 cameras man

  2. I hate the fact the camera is huge it makes the phone look ugly like in my opinion the iPhone X camera is big so it makes the phone ugly in my opinion that’s why I like the iPhone XR the xs is better but i like the look of the x r it looks good with the small camera

  3. Lmbo this iPhone has little change lmboooooo. A YouTube guy says that Androids has those wide picture shots for yearrrrrssss already. Just copying off of Androids. Not really exciting

  4. So are we gonna get actual all day battery life like 10 hours on screen time or is this just a bigger xs max with an extra camera

  5. No matter what if apple creates shit with an Apple logo on it. Apple sheep will still buy it. (I highly regret the fact of using an iphone 10s)

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