iPhone 11 PRO – the BIGGEST camera upgrade Apple’s done!

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The iPhone 11 Pro is one of the best smartphone flagships available. With three cameras it gives you a massive range of shooting options and incredible image quality. While Apple certainly isn’t the first phone on the market to feature wide angle and telephoto lens options… the Samsung Galaxy 10, Samsung Galaxy Note, Sony Xperia 1, OnePlus 7 and many other phones have all had these features for years. But when Apple add functionality – they’re usually not the first, but they’re usually the best.

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34 thoughts on “iPhone 11 PRO – the BIGGEST camera upgrade Apple’s done!

  1. Having 14mm, 28mm and 56mm ranges equivalent is huge. I have the iPhone 11 Pro for a little over a week and I'm loving it.
    Tried shooting ultra-wide indoors and there's definitely distortion, but still pretty decent quality.

  2. Wait until 2021. iPhone is planning to put a 24 MP massive lens 📷 in the center rear and put DSLR’s out of business

  3. People are saying that this is a Dslr/mirrorless killer but that's not what I'm seeing, there's still a big difference between the two and when I compare image's and on a big screen more so.

  4. Your right apple did do an awesome job with these years iPhones I'm getting my 11 pro max 256gb tomorrow Can't wait to play around with it and see all it can do. I'm getting the silver version although it look more white then silver ..

  5. Hey Ted, check out the FilmicPro app, this will allow you to capture film from all 3 lenses, even the front facing camera!

  6. I couldn’t figure out capture outside the frame at first either then I realized if you go to crop the picture and you pinch out that’s where you see the picture captured outside of the frame so it does work.

  7. Thanks for the thorough review, you covered everything I really wanted to know about the camera, things that are important like what modes work with what lenses and how apple approach scenes compared to samsung etc. Really enjoyed this!

  8. Great video! I was waiting for it. So looking forward to a Deep Fusion in depth review from you. Thanks for sharing this super detailed reviews!

  9. we need info on how to take a picture of our cars with blurry background… just like face portrets! there is not one single vido about that out there

  10. Upgrading from 6s to 11 Pro this month.. can't wait to get my hands on those lenses – esp. the "portrait" lens! 🙂

  11. Halide is a very good app for RAW capture. It works with all 3 lenses but unfortunately RAW capture is not an option from Apple with the ultra wide.

  12. I always wonder why no one ever mention LG phones , my LG G5 which like 2 years old now has 2 cameras and one is an extreme wide-angle which is 135 degree wide angle

  13. Dear Apple you got only 13 days left to shine as a best phone camera Pixel 4 is coming to thrash you at the 2nd place 😀

  14. Any better solution to offloading big video files than Dropbox??? Even at 512GB that’s gonna disappear – FAST – if you start shooting serious video! I’m getting it but Apple trying to sell hardware with software falls apart here.. they created a monster app/camera with. O way to use it for more than a few months w/o becoming a “data management” specialist.

  15. Sorry but I disagree, there were Android phones doing this 2 years ago..so there is nothing really groundbreaking. Noise in low light is still horrible and detail is just not there when zooming in a bit (on all new phones). Yes, the smartphone cameras are getting better, just like point and shoots did….but size and the laws of physics can't be ignored. BTW I have a note 10+ and the wide angle pics are very sharp on the corners without clipped highlights (and I live in eternally hot Bangkok), then again they can't be compared to my G-Master 24mm pics or a proper super wide angle lens on a pro-mirrorless camera.

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