36 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Review: Too Easy!

  1. I have the iPhone 8 and I really think this phone is nice,I want it for Christmas I just cracked my phone today😭.

    How many likes I have now is how many cameras the iphone 12 will have🤭😅.

    -loco koko

  2. I think Steve jobs is looking back at theses know iPhones with a palm face, I don't think he would of approved any of these shitty designs.

  3. I have the iPhone 11 Pro Max and it’s not worth the extra bill the only thing good about this phone is the camera but you might as will just save your current phone and go buy a $1000 camera to drag along because it’s entire system and usability is still below what my four year old Motorola Z2 is like. Talk to text is way off it messes up so many words, Cause it’s still just as difficult to browse the Internet use apps or do anything without a dedicated back button which is found on any android, Seriously I can do work faster on my android in this iPhone, no wonder why When you go to many places it’s Ollies iPhone users charging their phones because it takes longer to use the phone to do simple tasks. Also it’s touch screen sensitivity and accuracy is way off, no wonder why you have to use the space bar to get the cursor to go to the right spot to edit text. I just don’t see what all the fuss is about with these phones because they are not superior in anyway other than the availability of accessories at the stores.

  4. This is the best $700 smartphone you can get today. You get the same cameras as the pro, literally 1:1, even the front facing camera, just only excluding the telephoto which is not that important even if you’re a phone photographer.

    Even the big bezels, notch & LCD technology is not a problem since some people can’t use OLED smartphones due to flickering & i respect Apple for sticking with their excellent LCD panels.

    The only problem i can think of is the 828p display. It would’ve been much better if the display was at least 1080p since LCD panels look sharper than OLED panels at higher resolutions.

    Apple destroyed the competition this year, because, like i said, no $700 smartphone offers cameras this good, especially the front camera, it shoots 4K 60fps & 120fps slo-mo which no other Android smartphone has both yet.

  5. I got iphone 11 and I'll say people DO NOT BUY IT. The screen is unbelievably bad. It has been just 20 days since I bought my iPhone 11 and I found a deep scratch develop on the screen. It is about half an inch long. I take care of my phone extremely well. I can be 100 % sure that no hard material has touched my screen. This scratch is straight and looks like it developed spontaneously. I'm a materials scientist and can be very sure when I say that this is not something I did while usage. I have had smartphones for so many years now. And even a $250 MotoG5 didn't have a single visible scuff after 3 years of use. It is 2019 and 20 days of very careful use. This screen has an inherent problem.

    I talked to people at the Apple store and no one is willing to help. I'm supposed to pay $200 to get it fixed.

    I have been recommending iPhone 11 to all my friends but now I have stopped and will in fact discourage anyone I meet from buying it unless Apple is more receptive of this problem.

  6. Pixel 4 release brought me to this video. I was really looking forward to that phone, but so far it’s a letdown.

  7. Whatsup Marques! I hope you well. Ive lost 2 phones within one month. Since you get a lot for free ones don't you maybe please want to sponsor me one haha

  8. So no one else here who cant sleep because the Apple logo has been dropped down from its original position to the center?? it's painful to look at.

  9. The build quality is amazing compared to former iPhone this one a little thicker it defiantly feels like their toughest iPhone yet

  10. After getting the x, a month in, my screen flashed green and would turn off. Now it doesn’t do that anymore but my screen quality is hot trash now. It sucks because I got it a year ago and it was the most expensive phone I ever got. Rough.

  11. Same iPhone XR 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂! And why would Dbrand be sponsoring your videos but u don't like using a skin on your phone ? That's weird ! The Apple Logo is too low down !

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