Iphone 6 6plus ERROR 4013 4014 40 14 9 21 done by #Apple_Mechanic Ali Abdel Fattah

Ali Abdel Fattah Ali

على عبد الفتاح على
Ali Abdel Fattah Ali
The inventor

Iphone 6 6plus ERROR 9 Not NAND EPPROM

Iphone 5S 6 6plus ERROR 4013 4014 40 14 9 21 done with naviplus pro

EMMC Change n7100

IC Reballs

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40 thoughts on “Iphone 6 6plus ERROR 4013 4014 40 14 9 21 done by #Apple_Mechanic Ali Abdel Fattah

  1. Hi
    My iphon6 bend due to fight with someone and mother board has broken, I have checked with all shopkeeper in India. they unable to repair and back up data from my phon. Need your help on urgent basis. Please tell me.

  2. Assalam O Alaikum… How are you brother your work is so satisfying. brother my iPhone 6+ is not connecting to itunes and stuck on itunes logo and if unplug the cable phone is becoming off… what i can do with this… i hope you reply me. waiting for your preciou reply… TYSM BRO.

  3. This is real method to fix Error 4014, 4013, 21, 14 and 9. Some others are using 3utools and other programs to fix the errors. 😂 Thanks Ali Abidel!

  4. مطلوب فني للعمل بلامارات للتواصل وتساب 00971505252357 يلزم الخبره بروفشنل

  5. السلام عليكم ازيك ياهندسه انا عندي نفس المشكله ٤٠١٣ ومش عايزه تتغير ايه الحل

  6. Hello Ali. Thank you for your nous, i'm impressed. Do you think I would be able to fix my daughter's iphone 5s with error 4013 or shell I send it to you for fix?
    مرحبا علي. شكرا لك على nous الخاص بك ، أنا معجب. هل تعتقد أنني سأكون قادراً على إصلاح iPhone 5s الخاص بـ ابنتي بسبب الخطأ 4013 أو أرسله إليك لإصلاحه؟

  7. We are looking to hire someone who does this type of work at our New Orleans store. Where do we find such a tech with these skills?

  8. إنتبه لقد رفعت الشاشة قبل متشيل أولا البطارية.كان ممكن يتعرض الهاتف لي شورت في دائرة الإضاءة.موفق إنشاء الله.اخوك بدر الدين من المغرب

  9. Assalamu Alikom Ali, how do I determine if it's NAND or CPU issue and can I just reball the NAND without programing ? Thamk you

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