iPhone 6 Plus Error 4013 – Stuck in Recovery Mode

iPhone 6 Plus Error 4013 – Stuck in Recovery Mode
In this video i show you to troubleshoot and fix iPhone error 4013 step by step.

This is apple iPhone 6 plus came to me in perfect condition it was not starting up to normal mode it was stuck in recovery mode with the cable & iTunes logo on screen.

I decided to do iOS restore but the restore failed with iTunes error 4013

This iTunes error is very common and it is refer to general problem in the phone, from the experience i know it is Nand, Baseband or USB circuit.

After i did the basic troubleshooting i found the problem and Error 4013 problem solved

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31 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Plus Error 4013 – Stuck in Recovery Mode

  1. Ive got an iphone 8 plus
    I removed the back glass with heat gun and since then it was stuck in boot loop, now wont restore giving me error 4013. Any ideas?

  2. On iphone 7 can u tell me whats the problem if the error 4013 come at the last time when its waiting iphone then my iphone goes to apple logo but no bar on it thet after about 3second it going restarted but it will stuck on itunes logo again, after that the error 4013 come, since i dont have tools to troubleshoot maybe there’s same case like me

  3. Sir I have question..
    Example – Charging issue some technicians Reball ic problem solved. My problem is how to find this chip need to reball or replacement? (My. English bad sorry for that)

  4. Salam Mr Ayman I head the same problem I fixed with same way but after few hours the phone start going grey color on the lcd and gos off any idea why? Thank for the video it’s amazing and clean way how you do your work and Ramadan mobRak

  5. Thanks a lot mr.ayman I would like to ask u if the jc programmer has this feature (hdd fix) like the naviplus programmer
    Thank u again bro

  6. good vid but could do with more diagnosis info like what and where you checked for tristar confirmed good and showing the programmer would have been nice.
    Still good vid pal, keep up the good work 🙂

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