41 thoughts on “iPhone SE vs iPhone 6 – Camera Test! (4K)

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  2. iphone 6 has a better camer than iphone se though less costly than other but it has a feature which makes it better than the se

  3. Hi bro
    May be you are a beginner
    But you have to make videos more smooth and clearly visible to audience
    Remember photos and videos should be stable and clear as possible
    My brother has 6 and I use SE
    But believe me bro … SE is little ahead in photos just little
    And video are just same
    Yes new SE is way faster than 6 but 6 is not as bad as per your video

  4. In your video comparison I see that the iPhone 6 has more noise in the video, the iPhone SE has a cleaner video image.
    It's clearly visible when you watch it on full screen.

  5. Wtf look at the size of se I'm not saying that se is not good but look at the size of se and it's price it's useless to pay so much for a small phone. I have 6 and I'm very happy

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