Is Apple Finally Fixing MacBook Keyboards? (RIP Butterfly!)

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Kuo Ming-Chi, supply chain exfiltrator extraordinaire, in a report issued earlier today. Text via MacRumors:

“There have been successful developments in the new scissor keyboard. The new keyboard could improve the typing experience by offering longer key travel and durability by adopting glass fiber to reinforce the keys’ structure.”

This, allegedly, for a 2019 MacBook Air update.

If you’re not up on your keyboard nomenclature, then scissor switches are the fairly standard mechanisms Apple used to use across their laptop lineups. At least prior to 2015 when they introduced their own, invented-at-Apple butterfly switches to the newly redesigned 12-inch MacBook, and then in 2016 with the new MacBook Pro and 2018 with the new MacBook Air.

I will explain. No, no, there is too much. Phil Schiller will sum up.

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21 thoughts on “Is Apple Finally Fixing MacBook Keyboards? (RIP Butterfly!)

  1. My Macbook Pro 15" 2015 has had to have the screen replaced (at my expense 2 years ago, $1200 as I was out of the country and needed it for work but the "authorized dealer" verified out of warranty) and just flickered again and went out yesterday (9/18/19) so it's headed for repair through their program that they will fix it for $575 but noticed I had a couple small nics and noted it and said it could be up to another $1000 to fix… it was the top of the line over $2000 when I purchased it at the apple store. They said 14 days turn-around!!! That said I purchased another Macbook Pro 15" 2019 for $2500 and their 3 year insurance program for nearly $400.. let's see how well that works out!

  2. unfortunately, the new 'keyboard' on the future Macbook laptops will simply be an extension of the glass trackpad that will cover the entire keyboard area.

  3. I'm a PC user wanting to switch to MacOS for Swift Developing. But I can't buy a Macbook knowing the keyboard is so fragile in its current design. Come on! Update it already!

  4. My Macbook Pro from 2012 is on its last legs and I desperately need a new laptop for programming. I was going to go with the recent Macbook Pro, but seeing that they still have the butterfly keyboard in place is making me thinking about abandoning that idea.

  5. I actually like the keyboard on a 2019 MacBook Pro. Although I didn't have enough time to see how it will last. Shorter travel and stability is exactly what i enjoy about it.

  6. Maybe I’m on my own with this but I like the butterfly keyboard a lot, and have never had any problems with it… I’m kinda disappointed and I feel like they’re going backwards 🙁

  7. i think they should put this third gen keyboard even on the 2016 macbook. they are just putting already bad keyboards again into the macs…

  8. Apple finally did some thing smart , Talk long and hard, but butterfly design is just flawed because its not reliable , huge failure rates also banned apple laptops from a lot of company's. you are not talking about cheap laptops here but about 2K + models that just have a YoY failure rates thats 10% higher then any other brand in the company .

    I'm not going to miss this keyboard. Apple makes huge mistakes , and I' ve bin telling any one thinking of buying one do not do it.. unless your willing to suffer the trouble this machine will give you .. and that after 4 years are just paperweights because the cost to repair them is just to high.

  9. My god I hope this is true. I've had 2/2 butterfly keyboards fail on me (original MacBook and 2018 MBP 15). Additionally, I hate the way the butterfly keyboard feels to type on, so its a double whammy. I won't buy another Apple laptop until they abandon this keyboard design.

  10. I’m so tired of hearing about this every other week. It’s only headline news because it’s a way to put Apple in the headline. They are replacing effected keyboards for over twice the timeframe of Apple Care – FOR FREE. You can’t really ask for more than that v

  11. Well, since you asked, I want a keyboard with no switches at all. One that senses your touch, and gives you haptic feedback. And how about they add pencil support to the trackpad. Boom. Now you have a mini graphics tablet.

  12. Personally I love the keyboard on my MacBook 2018 with Retina display. The butterfly keyboard that it uses is the best I have ever had. I could never stand the old keyboards with the deeper travel. They just felt too mushy. The butterfly mechanism on this one males my typing so much more accurate.

    I will admit that when it gets hot the keyboard does start to malfunction but I keep it on a cooler surface, like a book on my lap or at a table when using it. I honestly think that this is a problem for a small number of users. Apple is crazy if they ditch the design entirely. It's such an improvement over the traditional one with the scissor switch.

    I neve get anything under the keyboard while eating or drinking at Starbucks either. Personally I think some people will never be satisfied with anything that Apple releases. When they redo the butterfly switch other consumers will just find something else to rage about.

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