Is Thailand Safe? Chiang Mai almost killed me.

How dangerous is Thailand? Is Thailand safe for tourists? In this video I give you some quick tips and travel advice while I tell you the story of how I almost died in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
From travel insurance, to research and medications, safety is the single most important part of traveling. This especially applies to places in South East Asia like Thailand and Cambodia; They are incredible places and are usually very safe, but are also far from the comforts of home. I hope you learn something, or at the very least enjoy the story of how I almost died in Thailand.
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7 thoughts on “Is Thailand Safe? Chiang Mai almost killed me.

  1. I appreciate every Like and Comment; They go a long way to keep this channel alive. If you haven't yet, please consider subscribing. Travel safe!

  2. Cambodia is a 5hit hole compared to Thailand…In the three years total I spent in Thailand I only felt unsafe once while in Bangkok…but never in Chiang Mai…and the man in Bankok was drunk… but a few expats who thought they were gangster annoyed me to no end. The police in Chiang Mai and elsewhere in Thailand will not tolerate idiots from anywhere while they are on watch…Good Guys in and Bad Guys Out. Kon dee kâo láe òk kon leoooo

  3. We always carry travel insurance mate. I also bring meds with us that can cure anything from a cough to Bubonic plague! Lol! As a pirate I have found drinking rum daily making my blood toxic enough most transmitted diseases don't stand a chance! We want to visit Thailand and Cambodia eventually. Enjoyed your video!

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