36 thoughts on “JUMP FORCE Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Intro & Prologue (Let's Play)

  1. This guy knows nothing bout anime. I mean he is like a dbz only fan and a little of Naruto. I don't blame him for not watching other anime but he knows NOTHING ABOUT IT. It's minimum to know a little about the popular ones like knowing who Zorro, Gon, jojo and other characters. Change my mind

  2. I love how Goku is fun and happy but his team has the complete opposite to his personality. It was a tough choice but I chose Naruto after all I LOVE Kakashi!! 💚

  3. 18:50 bruh your stupid goku is so trash and screams like a little granny and when he charges up he looks like he’s taking a dump HUUGHHGH DYAHHHH

  4. i am sad as to the story of this game. It doesn't every really pull you in and make you want to keep going. They should have made more story to go along with the characters in the games.

  5. i love this game!, i have all the characters! i bought it on Steam including DLC. you can watch my Jump Force video with all Characters in my Channel 😀

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