46 thoughts on “JUMP FORCE – Goku SSB Kaioken vs Naruto 1vs1 Gameplay (PS4 Pro)

  1. They should add Legendary Super Saiyan Broly to this game and make him a huge boss battle scene for Goku from the Dragon Ball Z series 💯

  2. This is bullshit goku is far more powerful then naruto I mean there no doubt about that he could beat him in super saiyan god

  3. Naruto is actually really powerful. We know that maybe goku would win but the fight would be worth it and it would take a long of time.

  4. O mundo já tá sendo destruída por venoms e ainda o Naruto e Goku lutam entre si, e destroem mais a cidade, 3:57 kkkkkk

  5. I don’t have any more time in my mind to get this game to get done with this one I gotta was a great game for you guys to come play it for the first game play then it is a game it and you play the play time in game time to get the play and it won’t be the first game I play it for a game play then play the play play it and you can get the play and play then you get the game you get to the game and you play the play play and it has to you play play and you

    Just pressing whatever word suggestion is next on the iPhone for 5 mins

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