30 thoughts on “JUMP FORCE – Jiren vs Goku Ultra Instinct 1vs1 Gameplay

  1. Ive played xenoverse 2 and dragon ball fighterz and this looks amazing but, doesnt seem like it plays as smooth as the others

  2. Same 6 moves over and over this was the biggest waste of 60 dollars I ever spent I have never been as mad as I was when I bought this trash game smfh

  3. All the dragon ball characters:guys hes the most powerful fighter in our universe

    Deku:not more powerful than all might

    Aizen:neither cant be more powerful than me

    (All might and aizen at there limits)
    Jiren:come on i barley touched you

  4. No costaba nada poder registrar el daño en el entorno y no que desapareciera battle field lo hace con mapas 1000 veces más grandes. Ahí se nota que no le tienen el amor necesario al juego y solo quieren ganar dinero a costa de los fanboys

  5. Jump force Physics Doesn’t Match The Reality OF The Anime Like The Dragon Ball Games Which Makes The Character Seem Nerfed.

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