Kairosoft Kingdom Adventurers How to get food & farm infinity Apple

Guide How to get infinity apple for your city to produce food.
This is how I search apple
My id game : 143.165.765
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23 thoughts on “Kairosoft Kingdom Adventurers How to get food & farm infinity Apple

  1. Seriously, worst video ever. For a guide, just get to the point. No one wants to watch 20 min of you messing around.

  2. bro, i have trouble when i wanna to gather copper coin ,on copper coin store box

    How to get copper coin? i need it for upgrading my townhall

  3. **for food**
    1. use food pouch
    2. rebuild monster feed (cost food but get more food afterwards)
    3. kill cook npc in world map
    **for apples**
    1. cut down fruit tree
    2. buy fro material shop
    3. build orchard (need rank C+ farmer)
    4. hunt the monster fake apple 15:02 for details
    and with that i've saved you 20 minutes of fucking rage…..im sorry this is all great info, like i had no idea you need a rank C farmer to build an orchard, but COME ON 20 minutes to give out a short list of anything is maddening!!

  4. Hey man, i was wondering how you got the planted crops and the mine, is there a requirement in the research to unlock them?
    Thanks if you answer dude haha

  5. Is this game only build city? No adventure no killing monster or recruiting human and send them to the world full of monster?

  6. Any tips on how to get loads of wood? Or at least a good steady supply of wood? Cuz it's so friggin expensive to research more plantations (and a lot of other things too.)

  7. Thanks for this video! You can add me here 892.744.609 🙂
    Oh any opinions out there? Which should I pick? Gunner or Archer?

    Thanks for the help

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