Klipsch R-15PM _ (Z Reviews) _ PFG Speakers!

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33 thoughts on “Klipsch R-15PM _ (Z Reviews) _ PFG Speakers!

  1. I got mine for $350 dollars. Even at that price they are worth it. 🙂 Added a 99 dollar sub and they are perfect for everything.

  2. Klipsch always were totally awesome. Place some spike and cups underneath each to tighten up the bass and their sound is just even better. £375 here on ama.zon UK. That's quite a good price compared to those Edifiers. Incidentally, Klipssch have been going since 1946. Their folded horns sound even better!
    Edited to add, these R-15's will take some running in to improve their sound.

  3. , why, why is it so important to have a speaker on the left or right.
    who cares, it's stereo anyways, just switch the red & white rca plugs around, simple. doesn't matter. your still gonna get stereo separation.
    may be backwards if you have OCD and listen to Jim Morrison, doors or Pink Floyd. but mostly you would never notice if you have the speakers switched left from right or vice versa. roll with it and hook them up correctly to begin with dumb asses

  4. , I agree about the pass through but, but, but…….
    at lower volumes, even at half volume, these Klipsch speakers are still gonna sound excellent even though they are still getting the 20 to 20,000
    Khz range.
    in fact, I prefer it that was because sometimes I just like to here the speakers without the subwoofer even on. it's the enjoyment of listening to fine speakers without a subwoofer.
    you could in fact take out the 5 1/4 inch woofer and install a base blocker on it if you really wanted to.
    so anything below 40 Hz is blocked from playing thru the woofer, it's actually very easy to do. just plug n play. or pick any frequency you want to block really.

  5. I have Klipsch R-14M cherry got them for 99.00 paired with Topping MX3. My first real set of speakers, and the difference was night and day for me. Ah, and a monoprice subwoofer, I think it was about 50.00

  6. I've had these for 2 years. They were going for $424 on Amazon but I got it for $300 since my friend works at Bestbuy. Paired them with a BIC F12 subwoofer just cause. College kid trying to learn hifi audio

    They definitely impress anyone I show them too. Loud enough for a house party, but also fit on my desk. They look clean and is easy for beginners to use. Saved me money on a preamp for my pioneer pl 514 turntable. There is a white noise sounding buzz at closer than 1 meter. I put mine on either side of 27" dual monitors so it's far enough to never bother me. Sounds wonderful for the price just like in the review. Would recommend these puppies

  7. Hey Z. Got the 51PM''s and I'm in love with them. I prefer them over the Vanatoo T1E's. You should give them a shot and review them. Might even be down to ship them over to you for a little bit.

  8. Yo, shout out to this review – You sold me on the R-15PM in cherry. Found a "New in torn box" pair for nearly half retail. They're absolutely gorgeous.

  9. They should have come with covers. If you connect any of the powered subs made by Klipsch, the crossover controls are on the back of the sub. I know that doesn't take the lows out of the monitors but it makes adjusting the levels a little easier.

  10. I just got a pair of these along with a Klipsch R10-SW, for a pair of little speakers, these are okay. They do have a little directionality, but they also have greater vocal definition than a small direct radiator, soft dome stuff. My bedroom is 10 x 10 x 12 (high ceilings) and the R-15PM's along with the subwoofer provide enough output to make even really "sound intensive( read lots of digital manipulation of audio dynamics)" pretty good.

    Currently, I own Klipsch Heresy II's and Klipsch Chorus II's, the R-15PM is not in that league, or in the same ballpark. These are not KPT speakers in costume, they are nice little speakers. Totally worth it when you throw in a sub.

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