Kuroko no Basket: Last Game [AMV] – Emergency

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♫ Song: Pegboard Nerds – Emergency [Monstercat Release]
🔥 Anime: Kuroko no Basket: Last Game (Movie)

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46 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basket: Last Game [AMV] – Emergency

  1. The true hero of the game, the basketball rings that didn't break and held on to create this masterpiece😂😂😂😂

  2. ……Damn… I forgot to breath for a minute…. This vid really brings back the intensity of Kuroko no Basket…. I really do hope they come out with another sequel…
    Anyways, Great work!

  3. Abilities:
    Kagami: Highest Jumper, Powerful Dunks

    Aomine: Fastest Player, Uses unorthodox/street ball moves

    Kise: Copy opponent's moves and even use them better, "Perfect Copy"

    Kuroko: Easily forgotten and pretty much like an invisible player, does BOSS PASSES

    Akashi: Has Emperor Eye, which formerly could predict 1 person's moves, but can now see the entire court and predict everyone's moves.

    Murasakibara: His big build and height, accompanied with his strength, make him a very good defense. Can also go on offense and make Dunks powerful enough to break the backboard.

    Midorima: Long-Range Shots. Can score from pretty much anywhere across the court.

    Weaknesses (Former/Current):

    Kagami: Has high school boy's physique despite possessing an ability rivaling college player Silver (Last Game). Can overexert his body.

    Aomine: Similar to Kagami, he is still only in high school. Used to not really try as he never had a good opponent, but Kagami has spurred him on to become better and stronger.

    Kise: Can't use ability forever, same as previous, does not have fully developed body.

    Kuroko: Small and doesn't exactly have the same strength as even a normal player. Also, his "invisibility" can wear off if he is in the game too long, as the opponents will eventually become more aware of him.

    Akashi: A former weakness was that his Emperor Eye could only be targeted on 1 person. He had 2 personalities, 1 was the Emperor Eye, the other was his usual self. This was futile against Nash Gold Jr.'s Eye (Last Game), which could see everyone on the court, not just 1 person. Akashi quickly managed to combine his 2 personalities to "upgrade" his Emperor Eye. It now has the capability to predict EVERYONE on the court, and see the future of every person.

    Murasakibara: Not enough stamina, and his body cannot withstand him jumping too many times in a game. This was shown when he fought against Seiren, and he wasn't able to score a final dunk as he did not have the ability to jump anymore. Also doesn't really like training.

    Midorima: Cannot use his ability forever, as again, not fully matured. He also relies on luck-based factors such as horoscopes and lucky items.

  4. Emergency off in months four dzulqa'da, dzulhijj, muharram, and rajab on hijriyah Allah having… Lets come be a kaffirun off…

    Muhammadiyah Indonesian…

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