Kuroko no Basket: Last Game [AMV] – For The Glory

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♫ Song: EPIC ROCK | ”For The Glory” by All Good Things
🔥 Anime: Kuroko no Basket: Last Game (Movie)

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46 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basket: Last Game [AMV] – For The Glory

  1. Молодец, но переборщил с насыщенностью, форма игроков сливается с тенями на заднем плане

  2. aomine has been FLEXING on the miracles for so long because he STOPED TRAINING years ago and is still at there level when there training untill they drop, this proves hes trully the strongest

  3. Просто супер , особливо попадання кадрів в потрібний момент)))

  4. The concept of the last game us really sad honestly…. A bunch of college students who have outdueled NBA players trash talked a bunch of high schoolers and still lost

  5. What a sacrifice from Ryota 😍😍
    Akashi is the Man 👑
    Aomini is the pure badass. 👿😈
    Shin is the tornado calm. 🐸
    Morasakibara was the perfect secure 🔐.
    Kuroko 👻👻👻

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