36 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basket Last Game Epic Moment

  1. They say akashi is the strongest of all generation of miracles. But for me….. Midorima Is the strongest because he can shoot the ball outside the Earth and it will shoot so fucking perfectly

  2. The fact that akashi tell kuroko to not show his emotion and keep it inside while he use his emotion to trick the enemy

  3. Kuroko no basket was stupid sometimes, but this movie is a love letter to the fans! Watching the generation of miracles play together again was pretty cool!

  4. Am I only one who thinks the GoM looked like they were nerfed this whole movie. Compared to the 3 seasons…. I felt like they could have barely beat Jabberwock if they played normally without any special traits (zone, emperor eye, Thor hammer and Kuroko passing ability). This movie was great…. But it felt so rushed… Hardly any introduction to all the Jabberwock players and the 1st, 2nd quarter ended way too quickly compared to how it normally takes.. I personally felt like they were force to use their special traits to make the game look so intense, close against Jabberwock.

    The only solution to it is just that the 3 seasons animation was just made to make the GoM look fast asf or the animation In this movie was just downgraded
    and slow compared to the 3 seasons. Or just maybe to slow the animation pace of what the moves the players are doing… Yet again (anime logic) The audience who refer the GoM as monster. Their eyes aren't able to keep up with what they are doing. Yet they can see the two team play with no problem… Except only complimenting on how fast/cool that move was. Unlike in the other 3 seasons. Most of the people/players in the audience say the human eye isn't able to keep up or as "they themselves" aren't able to make out on what is happening.

    This is just the anime im arguing towards.. not the manga (since I don't read the manga). Idk why they made a different ending compared to the manga… It just doesn't make sense or feel right at all. In my opinion.

  5. Me and my friends watch this anime, and whenever we play basketball, we say a character's name and the move and then execute the move

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