26 thoughts on “Legal questions EXPLAINED! Apple Pro Apps Bundle for Education

  1. Hey! I want to buy the bundle but I was planning on dividing it with some friends. So what would happen if we made a single apple account, redeemed all the codes there, and each one downloaded all the programs on their macs?

  2. I've already bought the bundle last year so I am fine bro. For those with Macbook pro, Macbook, Macbook Air who haven't got the bundle yet. I would highly recommend it if you are working with video editing and digital auditory workspace in your course. Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X is more advance, professional than imovie and garage band. Also you don't have to pay monthly subscription in comparison with Adobe suite.

  3. Why do I have to put in my zip code? My zip code has only four numbers, so it won´t go trough.. can I just type in a false one?

  4. Just realize that the apps are not allowed to be transferred to anyone else. Sorry for the wrong conclusion on whether you should share the apps with you friends. DON"T DO IT.

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