50 thoughts on “Legend Heroes All Forms Henshin

  1. Henshin(x) -Japenese Byeonshin(o) – Korean
    The video is Korean Hero video. So please change the Roman alphabet in Korean.
    If you don't know Korean Roman notation from the beginning, you can pronounce "change" in English.
    I feel very bad as a Korean.

  2. ストーリーとかよくわからないけどアイテムとかつくりがしっかりしてる。仮面ライダーとかの影響を受けたんだろうな。

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  4. Why don't you show us when Lubi (Liu Bei) is transforming into Joun (Zhao Yun) and when Lubi (Liu Bei) transforms into Macho (Ma Chao)?

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