35 thoughts on “LG SJ3 Sound Bar 300W 2.1 Wireless SubWoofer | Unboxing & Review

  1. Not getting bass effect what to do..i have connected with aux. Bass is not thumping. What to do. Sound Quality of bar is satisfying. How to enhance bass

  2. My TV Panasonic 43" viera Tv,. Does not contain HDMI arc, Optical, Bluetooth. only headphone jack. Can i able to use….

  3. Sir maine kal flipkart se sony ct 290 Dolby digital 300w bluetooth sound bar order kiya hain kya ye 11000 me sahi hain ya aapke wala lg ka le lu kya ye lg wala sony bravia tv mein support karega sir please tell hurry

  4. Rajat sir good morning
    सर मैने कल बोट अवांटे 1500 बुक किया था
    ! आज सुबह मैने जब आपकी ये वाली वीडियो देखी तो मेरा मन अब चंचल हो गया है।
    क्या मैं बोट अवांटे को केंसिल करके इसको बुक कर दूं । छूट करके 8550 में मिल रहा है। कोई पछतावा तो नही होगा।
    300 स्क्वायर फुट का मेरा ड्राइंग रूम है इसके लिए ठीक रहेगा ना?
    आपके जल्दी जवाब का इंतजार है सर🙏🙏🙏

  5. I have purchased this for my lg oled tv. The music production is really good. The built is of premium quality and the sound is crisp & tonally balanced.

    Bro, this product has ESS Sabre DAC, best in DACs. When getting sourced via aux you're using your TV dacs which are of very low quality, it seems though.

    On the bass point, your review is totally opposite because this product is really very bass heavy(claimed by other reviewers and me too)that's too with windows shattering bass but producing very controlled and deep bass.

    Try to feed some good recordings from Blurays or DSDs or atleast a HDCD then you'll know, the product is really capable of.

  6. Nice buy at Rs 8500 via ICICI discount on Flipkart. Always keep the sound bar in Cinema mode and connect via TV Bluetooth for best experience

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