Logitech Crayon vs Apple Pencil (1+2) | BEST Budget Alternative? | iPadOS (2019)

So I did a video on the Apple Pencil and why you should get one. In response I got a lot of you talking about a more budget alternative, the Logitech Crayon. It goes for around $70 bucks and offers a very fine point of input, so I thought it was worth picking up and putting to the test!

In this video I use the Apple Pencil (s) 1st and 2nd gen as well as the crayon in typical iPad situations such as note-taking, web surfing, video editing and drawing in order to demonstrate who this device is for or rather which you should get.

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27 thoughts on “Logitech Crayon vs Apple Pencil (1+2) | BEST Budget Alternative? | iPadOS (2019)

  1. If your after looks….the crayon…doesn’t look as cool 😎 and sophisticated as an Apple Pencil while using it inside a uni-classroom.

  2. Maybe I’m weird but having pressure sensitivity like the Pencil really makes no sense at all. When you use real pencils, pens, and markers, the lines do not get dramatically thicker. They can become darker or lighter but you can’t go from a micro thin line to a super wide line simply by pressing harder. To me, that type of effect on the Pencil makes zero sense. If you want a thicker line in the real world, you use the appropriate writing instrument. That way, you can use the same amount of pressure without having to press harder. That’s just more natural.

  3. informative video 👍. I'm considering to buy tablet with stylus and end up between samsung tab s6 vs ipad pro2018. my main purpose is to take note during meeting or class. what do you think about s pen vs apple pencil? which one is the best? thx

  4. I love my Logitech Crayon, but the tapping noise on iPad 😌 have you tried to use the silicone sleeve and nib? Do those sleeves fit on Logitech?

  5. I found the Crayon to be way more comfortable in my hand than the Apple Pencil and I got the Crayon on sale for $49…no brainer. The pressure sensativity isn't worth $80. The only question about the Crayon I still have is repacement tips…Amazon doesn't seem to sell any and Logitech's website is selling individual replacement tips for $15 a piece!

  6. Just purchased an iPad Pro 11" 2019[?] . I use a Scriba Stylus. Want to get the Logitech Pencil, but is it compatible with Procreate?

  7. I had an iPad 2018 (6th gen). I am thinking of getting a Logitech Crayon. This video is telling me it’s a pretty good thing.

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