Logitech Crayon vs Apple Pencil 2: Which should you buy?

The Logitech Crayon is a great alternative to Apple’s Pencil. When it was first announced last year at Apple’s Chicago event, The Logitech Crayon was only compatible with Apple’s entry-level 9.7″ iPad. With the release of iOS 12.2 all of that changed and the Logitech Crayon now supports all of Apple’s 2018 iPad lineup, including the iPad mini 5, iPad Air 3, and both the 11″ and 12.9″ iPad Pro.

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32 thoughts on “Logitech Crayon vs Apple Pencil 2: Which should you buy?

  1. I don't get how the crayon doesn't support pressure sensitivity. I mean it has the exact same pen tip as the pencil. The tips are even interchangeable. I guess muct be something else internal that's at fault. I know the crayon doesn't need to be connected via Bluetooth like the apple pen. Maybe apple paid off logitech to disable the feature so they aren't competing. I would love to find out if the crayon is really capable it pressure as like i said it has the hardware.

  2. why is it so expensive? an entry level wacom tablet 8 years ago for 50$ had a pen with pressure sensitivity, tilt, it NEVER required to be charged or paired so why now its so stupidly expensive? Is it so hard to make a cheap pen that works? tbh every ipad should come with apple pencil out off the box.

  3. I got two iPencils (2nd generation) for work. Neither one worked out of the box even after following the support suggestions. They’re garbage in my opinion.

  4. so the question remains..if apple can allow support for the crayon then why the heck can’t they allow support for the second generation pencil as well?

  5. I had an iPad 2018 and the Crayon. Upgraded to the 11 inch Pro and I'm glad it's compatible. I use it for working in audio applications — it makes editing easier.

  6. Wish they would expand support to older IPad Pros. I have the first generation iPad Pro and can’t justify spend $100+ for the Apple Pencil.

  7. The comments are so silly. I have a Crayon because I don't need pressure sensitivity and it's half the price. I also like it's form factor because it doesn't role. If you use your ipad for art then get the Pencil, but if you are only note taking then get the Crayon. Of course you can always get something you don't need instead of keeping that change and investing it to make bank. Feel free to stay poor.

  8. I work at Verizon so I can buy the apple pencil at same price as logi crayon. I draw, so I want the pressure sensitivity. Thank you for helping me decide. I just recently bought a mini 5 and was looking for a pencil.

  9. Not compatible with a hell of a lot. 😾😾
    iPad Models
    iPad Air (3rd Generation)
    iPad mini (5th Generation)
    iPad Pro 11-inch
    iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd Generation)
    iPad (6th Generation)

  10. Can you confirm if the Crayon is compatible with iPad Pro 10.5 inches ( 2017)? I just received my Crayon and try to use on my iPad Pro 10.5. It does not seem to work! I am trying it out further if that is still not working I may have to return the Crayon.

  11. I have the 2018 iPad Pro and planning on buying the Logitech Crayon, mainly because I don't need pressure sensitivity since I will only be using it for note taking and I save $60 ( no need to keep paying the Apple Tax). About the charging mechanism, I really don't mind. Another thing to note is that some people have been complaining about scuffs, specifically on the space grey iPad Pro caused by the strong magnets used for charging the Apple Pencil 2. To each his own so guys don't judge!!!

  12. Anyone else thought about shoving the old Apple Pencil in the Logitech one. You know take the cap of the Apple Pencil and shove it in. Just me…

    Ok I’m weird I know

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