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  1. Hi, Im thinking of buying one of these but in black colour for 250 Euros. And I want a pair of vintage JBL speakers for under 500 euros. Which speakers do you recommend?

  2. listening to this video using a Marantz 2238b ,got bit a of a ground loop noise issue thoe while using it with the computer.

  3. Hi..bought one of these recently and the phono section is very very quiet even on full it's very low..I'm using a technics 1210 with mm cartridge. .getting the same amount of volume when I plug it into the aux input…any ideas

  4. @vintage stereo

    Hello Andrew,

    Thank you very much for your service to vintage audio. I very much love the way you narrate and describe things. You get your points across nicely.

    I wanted to ask your opinion as I feel that your ears are similar to mine (and my wive's). We are both noticing the following:

    I our house we currently have 3 vintage receivers

    mcintosh 4100
    Marantz 2245
    Marantz 2238b

    Everyone online loves the 2245 and the mac 4100 is treated almost like a unicorn (very rare). The 2238b is not really considered a receiver in the same league as the 2245 and mac 4100.

    However, my wife and I feel that the 2238b produces the best sound. Warm and tube-like just like you describe in your video.

    Are you surprised by what we are finding. Very tempted to sell the mac 4100 and the 2245 to keep the 2238b as our main receiver. It is currently hooked up to vintage speakers: Tangent TM1s.

    Please let me know if what we are finding makes sense to you.

  5. Today everyone is looking for massive power, they just don't understand real stereos and how little power it really takes to have great music,
    I have vintage Altec, Jbl ,and Bozak speakers and these old receivers with their small wattage played thru these old speakers will lay sound down that the neighbors 10 doors down can enjoy clearly.
    I too try not to disturb the neighbors though.

  6. Very good review my friend.
    I have Marantz and Kenwoods as my favorite, the Kenwood model 11, very nice receivers.
    Very nice Marantz.

  7. You are the best person to review and demo a amplifier or receiver, they sound their true capabilities, they sounded good on my speakers or all my headphones. If they are not good so that is how they sound. You are my reference for equipment.

  8. hi…have just purchased a 2238BL…works in stereo fine but the stereo lamp has blown and I'm having trouble removing it to replace..(it seems stuck )….any ideas anyone ?    thank you.

  9. I was just gifted a 2238B from a family member and was wondering if you could recommend and good place to send it off for refurbishing and servicing? As far as I know it works well minus a knob that's missing but I'd like a complete overhaul on it. Preferably without it costing me a fortune.

  10. i bought a marantz 2238b new in the fall of 1977, for $500 cdn…  it was my main amplifier for about 20 years, then i upgraded to a jvc a/v receiver…  the jvc no longer works very well, so, about 3 years ago, i pulled the Marantz out of storage & hooked it up…  the volume pot was a little scratchy & the left channel cut out occassionally, so i took it in for a tune-up…  the guy at the shop, his eyes nearly popped out of his head as he hadn't even seen a marantz before…  after the tune-up, my 2238b is singing great again…  the guy said it was good for another 20 to 30 years…  buying that marantz way back when was the best $500 i've ever spent…

  11. GrandCamino6, your comment buoyed my spirits, as I tried twice to get my Marantz 2270 working correctly, bringing to audio stores, investing some bucks,  neither of whom did the job.  My backup is the Marantz 2238B, and , while I do like a  lot, I had thought the 2270 was the more powerful, and therefore superior receiver, and was so frustrated.   I'm happy you prefer it, I can hardly recall when my 2270 worked well (one channel is static-y), but I'm happy with the 2238b……still, I am wistful for the more powerful 2270…

  12. I did not get to listen to the 2270 on my current primary speakers. I heard the 2270 on Klipsch La Scala II's & Pioneer CS-700R's. The 2238B sounds a little warmer to me. It sounds noticeably better than the 2230. I really like the 2230 as well. I really like the tuner in the 2230.

  13. Greetings from Northern California. The 2238B is by far my favorite Marantz I've ever had (out of about 40) including a 2270. I am currently running a pair of Thiel CS 2.2 speakers on it and they sound incredible. I've heard things I've never heard before on music I've listened to for years. I paid $150 US for it and It's a keeper for me. Great review and I love your videos.

  14. Great review. Thanks!
    I have the possibility to get Marantz 2238b or the Marantz 2270 (more expensive).
    Each one do you think have better sound? The power for me does´nt meter.  
    Thanks a lot.

  15. Hey, I recently got a 2238b and was wondering how would you know if the stereo is working? My stereo indicator light is out. Does that mean the led is out or that the stereo isn't working?

  16. Voor 50 euro heb je met geluk een 2215/2216. Maar als je geduld hebt kom je misschien een tegen die voor weinig weggaat.

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