20 thoughts on “Mech Games – Game Sack

  1. 9:09 the sound of the explosion is something blowing air through their lips. Blowing raspberries dont know why they call it that but whatever

  2. Would love to see a part 2 of Mech games. Gun Griffon 2-Saturn, Battletech-Genesis, Gundam-Dreamcast, Mech assualt-Xbox, etc.

  3. Zone of the Enders 2 is an amazing game, especially if you buy the remastered 2-game disk for the PS3. It's a gorgeous game and the pace is quick.

  4. This episode gets 5 super awesome mega turbo Mech points because of how many times he says Hadieo Kojima. also because i love Metal storm, so yea old episode new enjoyment here.

  5. I kinda like Xardion. Sure, its gameplay is pretty low-tier, but eventually, you get to use the titular Xardion by combining the characters mechs OPEN GET style, because of course they transform into jets, and I just can't hate on combining robots. Plus you end up looking like some weird Zeorymer meets Dragonar hybrid, and that's cool.
    Unfortunately, it doesn't ↑←↑, which is less cool.

  6. I like to play Front Mission on my Wonderswan😍

    Thumbs up! We need to give a lil bit more Love to our Mecha games

  7. You get em' Joe…"DC." Zone of Enders 1 and 2 are great; However, they are far too short and end so quickly. Now this I guess isn't the end of the world but at the time I was a struggling 20 something that liked more bang for my buck.

    Assult Suit Leynos was re-released (remastered) for the PS4 in English.

  8. They went to ps2 in this vid, didnt even check ps1 with the best mech series out there, the gran turismo of mech games. ARMORED CORE! It's also a From Software game before the big Souls games.

  9. Holly shit! Gun Griffon has the Russian T-14 Armata tanks in the intro CGI… just without the extraneous attachments on the turret. I guess the idea of tanks with automated turrets was a thing back then too. By the way, I rented that game back in the days and had quite a bit of fun with it. Why not feature Virtua On in this episode though?!?

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