25 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.7.5 | KN Launcher v1.400 CRACKED FREE | WORKING/LATEST | Windows & Mac OSX & Linux

  1. I bought the full game but on my moms Mac my friend uses to play it works! he uses the username Kenny lol also download the map neus1.2.3

  2. I have windows but my friend has mac, i just downloaded all the files and there isnt an exe in the mac/linux folder is there something my friend would see on her mac that i wouldn't on windows?

  3. It's not free Minecraft. It's cracked Minecraft for singleplayer, when you go online it crashes. Better off downloading the Demo of minecraft.

  4. When I try to go into the cracked servers I get stuck at the loggin in part, is this fixable? or is it a server problem

  5. when i join lan server the game crushes why , please i want help because i want to play survival with my brother ;D

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