Minecraft PE 1.7 – TOP 5 BEST TEXTURE PACKS 2018 – MCPE / Minecraft 1.7 / 1.6

Top 5 texture packs for Minecraft 1.7! Download and try them; they will work on Pocket Edition and Windows 10 edition on the latest 1.7 and 1.6 Bedrock Edition versions! These texture packs are the best MCPE texture packs in my opinion, so whether you want to build something modern, fantasy or medieval, you will definitely find a good looking texture pack in this video. Leave a like and subscribe for more!



1. Pixel Reality:
This is a great fantasy/medieval texture pack! Works on the latest 1.5 version, since I used it to record this video.

2. Quadral PE:
This is definitely a fantasy/cartoonish texture pack. It looks great, if you’re into that kind of an art style. Will work on 1.7.

3. Aero Star:
This is a modern texture pack. It looks great on modern builds, which I didn’t show in this video. As a sidenote, Flows HD is still my favorite modern texture pack, but when I tried it in 1.7, it didn’t work.

4. Faithful 32×32:
This is like the default Minecraft texture pack, but better! The higher resolution than vanilla makes all the blocks look more realistic.

5. oCd texture pack:
This texture pack is old, but gold. If you want to make your MCPE look like a cartoon, this pack is probably your best choice.

Music by C418.

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30 thoughts on “Minecraft PE 1.7 – TOP 5 BEST TEXTURE PACKS 2018 – MCPE / Minecraft 1.7 / 1.6

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  2. The Pixel Reality on looks pretty cool. I like Quadral PE better though. The Aero Star Modern one is okay, I was expecting some things like Electronic Chests textures or Painting being TVs

  3. Hate to be the one who says this but these look terrible wheres the detail? The last one had a little but they all look like there done in microsoft paint. No offence but ive seen better texture packs made 6-7 years ago how has it downgraded. Has the love for making them stopped?

  4. minecrafts backround music is so soothing and brings back old time memories. mmm I remembered when I couldn’t afford mcpe and I only played on the demo versions mmm good old days. Hahaha, love your videos. Nice vibe n good content, great work!

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