14 thoughts on “Mochi In Frosting (Ep:1 Into Frosting!) (Rpg Maker Adventure)

  1. Hey Guys! The anime clip is from Ghost Stories! Yeah. Been a while. Hope everyone has been well! Things have been VERY busy IRL. You all deserve an update video on the whole situation(hopefully soon) but short story is that i've found a mentorship/teacher to help me with learning drawing/art! Its more animation/gestural drawing (something ive been meaning to put in time to practice for a very very long time to loosen up my drawings) Very exciting but also lots of work ontop of my own projects and work. Also my computer was broken again for like a whole month and finally figured out it was some shoddy RAM! Replaced it and my computer has been working well again. hope to talk again soon!!!

  2. I’m mad because I use an iPad and can’t download it,if anyone knows how please help me!i would like to play the game and I don’t have a computer

  3. Wait sinfull half forms?! Embracing animal forms!? Not always a choice!? Turning them full animal forms!?! I DON'T LIKE THE IMPLICATIONS!!!

  4. I was not prepared for depressed mochi. It was really hard to watch, especially since she was so ready to move on just for her to come back to the place she been trying to avoid for so long.
    Also That was my favorite scene from the Ghost story dub.

  5. Omg I can't believe I fell asleep before the notification popped up , saw it after waking and I could've jumped for joy
    Can't wait for the next video
    Wasn't manju a guy but identified as a girl? Or was that someone else? Maybe I'll have to refresh my memory and rewatch the other games

  6. 26:06 Read the books in Eleni’s house in Friendly Bunny Mochi that’s where you can learn what she means by animal form

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