Moving to Thailand – Finding a luxury apartment in Chiang Mai

EP3 is out 👉🏻
We had to escape from Norway! And decided to keep our relationship together by moving to Thailand. Don’t miss out on EPISODE ONE here:
We decided to move to Thailand because of my girlfriends limited 90 days stay in Norway. And paperwork takes time! And I can not stay in the U.S for more than 90 days myself!
So what do we do 🤔
The world is not free. And since we wanted to stay together, we had to get out of Norway and outside of the Schengen zone.
In this episode, we’re hustling to find a place to live in Thailand. But we did not expect to end up with finding a luxury apartment in Chiang Mai. (at least for us it is)
We are so grateful for our host, Amornrat from Airbnb, our Superhost who did an amazing job with helping us locate a place to live in Chiang Mai.
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3 thoughts on “Moving to Thailand – Finding a luxury apartment in Chiang Mai

  1. What's your experience with finding a place to stay in Thailand? If anyone is interested in a meet-up at our condo, reach out! 🤙🏻

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