48 thoughts on “[MV] 마마무(MAMAMOO) – HIP

  1. I was trying to download a video about socks and accidentally downloaded this and I don't like kpop but this lowkey a bop. Thank you, website, for messing up my download

  2. I am waiting for our Queens to perform HIP, Destiny, gogobebe or others, tomorrow at MMA 2019.

    Spelling to myself : be patient…be patient…be patient….😭😭

  3. 어우씨 마마무 또 이러지 또 맨날 노래가 좋으면 어떻게 살라고 나 시험기간인데 계속 가사가 떠오르잖아 책임져

  4. Hwasa is younger than me but I really look up to her 🥺 I hope someday I'll be as confident and as comfortable with myself as she is! 💖

  5. Solar-LGBT support
    👑Hwasa-airport controversial,no bra outfit,panty show
    All in all an amazing song for this girls don't sleep at them

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