My Thoughts on the Apple Credit Card (Apple Credit Card Review)

In this video I’ll be talking about the new Apple Credit Card
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26 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Apple Credit Card (Apple Credit Card Review)

  1. LOL Apple fan boys are very salty over this one 😂 but just to be clear I don’t hate this credit card, BUT I think the fact that people are buying a credit card for clout is a huge problem, and also the rewards aren’t very good at all

  2. Well I got it!!!! HA HA HA …HA HA HAAAAAH!!!! I just feeeeeel more studly! The biggest problem is clout?? WTF are you talking about? Sounds like you got denied : (

  3. If I were you, I wouldn't waste a hard inquiry for this credit card just to show us that this card is a pass. Stay under Chase's 5/24 lol.

  4. I think if you view this card purely as a cash generating machine, yes it's sub-optimal, but there's so much more going on that will be important to people. Just list the benefits:

    – No fees. No international fees, no cash advance fees, no ATM withdrawal fees, NONE. Period. That's very rare for a credit card.
    – Cash back next day in the form of spendable currency. No minimum balance redemption. No month long waiting period. Liquidity matters.
    – Fraud protection in the form of payment notifications.
    – All notifications are done through Apple. No need to sort through emails.
    – Spending tracking history, including totals for weeks, months, and categories, as well as locations for each purchase.
    – No number on the physical card reduces harm in the case of theft.
    – Messages and phone calling built into apple wallet for easy support.
    – Reminders a few days before due dates for ease of mind.
    – Due dates always at the last day of every month to keep tracking payments simple.
    – Automatic payments able to be set up immediately and easily.
    – Instant interest calculations for any payment amount. 
    – You never have to set up and log into a separate app. All there conveniently in apple wallet.

    I mean come on man… that's a LOT of features packed into one card.

    There are generally 2 types of credit card users.
    There are optimizers who like to engage with any hassle necessary to maximize long-term cash back.
    Then there are simplifiers who like to use cards that get decent returns without much to keep track of.
    The Apple Card takes simplicity to a whole other level and is actually fairly comparable to other popular flat rate credit cards (Citi double cash, for instance). The Apple Card can actually be more profitable than the Citi card depending on how much you buy from apple.
    Yeah, for a lot of people the Apple Card is very attractive, the whole package considered. It's obviously a poor choice for optimizers, but not everyone wants to play that game. I really think this card gets more bashing than it deserves.

  5. Here's the Mastercard rewards for the Apple Card nobody tells you this

  6. holy cow what a click bate title. I'm still trying to figure out what is the huge problem with the apple card? credit card abuse applies to all credit cards. Apple card does not have the best interest rates. Shocker !!! it's a tech company. Comparing a tech company card to a bank card is ill-informed. The bank issues credit cards for a living. what are you going to tell me next? Capital one has a shitty cell phone?

  7. Goldman has had to issue subprime credit for this card. People getting accepted should NOT have a credit card. Makes me worried for their finances…

  8. For credit cards im super selective. Better have some good cash back, or get me into the VIP lounge at the air port. There’s so many good choices out there. Choose wisely!

  9. To me the card is useless but it would be cool to walk in a store with apple watch apple phone and just pull out the apple card and pay. So you're right it is a flex thing.

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