Mystery Boxes found on the bottom of a WW2 Lake

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You’d be surprised what relics can still be found underwater, dumped after the war. Equipped with a metal detector and magnet, we again find some interesting pieces of WW2 history.

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43 thoughts on “Mystery Boxes found on the bottom of a WW2 Lake

  1. That's frickin amazing I wish we had war stuff around my area, my dad was big into the war stuff and he kinda got me into it as well, wish I could find something cool

  2. Привет пацаны увас просто всё супер падарете мне метала искатели не дорогой это просто мая мечта

  3. That's is amazing, however finding the live rounds my spider sense's would be tingling saying WTF am I standing on, especially finding an AT mine cover hahaha

  4. It's good that someone is getting these relic up and out. They are still dangerous to the public. A great history lesson you guys have too.

  5. Goed werk jongens, tis alleen dat ik zelf niet geinteresseerd ben in Duitse WW2 spullen.
    Maar jullie ruimen dat water wel mooi op.
    Dat geweer is een mooi museum stuk en denk dat menig musea geinteresseerd is in deze spullen.
    Super leuk dat metaal detecting.
    Ik wil dat ook graag doen en heb totaal geen verstand van die dingen.
    Weet wel dat ze te koop zijn bij bv Cranebroek en leger dump winkels.
    Groetjes,, Kitty.

  6. Can't stand these Europeans
    Found a unfired bigass bullet

  7. Get a war thunder sponsor world of war tanks is trash and the tanks perform like RC cars sorry I just hat unrealistic tank games

  8. How do you find your spots, where you search and go to magnet fishing?
    I went fishing in Germany and got a lot of Problems to find good spots… :c

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