Nerf Zombie War: The Zombies Are Coming! (First Person Shooter)

Nerf Zombie War: The Zombies Are Coming! in First Person Shooter brought to you by PN Studios. In this Nerf Zombie War, the zombie outbreak has already began and the infection is spreading fast. Survivors must use Nerf guns to defend themselves against the zombies. Subscribe for more Nerf Zombie War videos!

A special thanks to all my friends to make this video happen!

Hope you guys enjoy this video. Peace!!!

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🔥 My videos are inspired by PDK (PDK Films). I’m a BIG fan of Paul David Kousky, I like his content so much and I wanted to make my own in his style. Thanks for understanding!

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49 thoughts on “Nerf Zombie War: The Zombies Are Coming! (First Person Shooter)

  1. 🔴 We've done a ton of nerf guns video, watch full them here:

    🔫 Subscribe & turn on YouTube Post Notifications to keep up with the madness:

    🔥 Hope you guys enjoy the video!!

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