Not A Tolly Review | Saaho | Hriday Ranjan

This week’s release is India’s most expensive film – #Saaho. Is the film worth the huge budget? Or does the viewer pay a heavy price? Standup Comedian #HridayRanjan finds out.

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23 thoughts on “Not A Tolly Review | Saaho | Hriday Ranjan

  1. I hope you are trying to show your eagerness to keep a review on the same day of release, but this doesn't work out for all the movies. Just hold back, leave all the apprehensions and watch the movie for second time (Don't say that nothing is there, making us to believe that you are an imbecile) Probably you will take back your words for sure after watching it for the second time. Huge respect for sujeeth for giving us a magnanimous film. What a detailing he goes through.

  2. Such untrustworthy reviews. I watched the movie AFTER seeing this review, I don’t understand in what mood hriday watches movies. This was a perfectly good film. So what hero can’t give heroine tips? They are Coworkers, they obviously brainstorm the plan of Action.

  3. Instead of SAAHO .. you all should see HIMMATWALA (2013)

    HIMMATWALA (2013) .. is the most pathbreaking movie EVER made in India

  4. English lo mee reviews bagunnayi kaani telugu lo inka baguntaayi anipistundi.
    Mee target audience telugu vaala ledaa telugu movies choosey non-speaking audience aa?

  5. It's easy to give an opinion as an critic but directing the film and reaching the audience expectations is so tough not so easy but u guys will give your opinions freely which will harm the collections of the cinema. Now a days an anonymous guy also giving an opinion on the film such a pity.

  6. Please dont use “uranus” . I saw a ET movie the kids in that movie taunts where did alien come from? Uranus ( u r anus ) 😊

  7. Please tell me the story line of final destination…. idiots…. every one is enjoying the movie but your extra interest in criticizing a movie talking about the story shows how bad critique you are

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