25 thoughts on “Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm – Story Launch Trailer

  1. they deleted de first one from the google store, cuz apple gave them money…its a shame that this game its going to flop… since its just on ios.

  2. If they don't put this on Android will just have another Android exclusive app or Android just pay apple for this game

  3. What a waste of potential for a money grab game, would be a trending mobile game but no one gonna play monthly for "mobile games” hopefully rave sword legacy ain’t on arcade

  4. Bad news it’s on Apple Arcade and I can’t one time purchase it we have to buy monthy subscriptions to play this one game

  5. I was so hyped for this game to release was waiting since 3 years and now i learn that its apple arcade exclusive only, good job cornfox

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