Off Season Vlog 2 – Physio, Musclefood delivery & Y3T Shoulders

2nd vlog of my off season!

In this video I show you my physio session with Jonny Hands, A musclefood delivery containing some new food choices & A Y3T Shoulder & Calves session with Dan down at Goodbodys gym.

Hope you enjoy, give the workout a try & let me know what you think!

Thanks for your support, RT


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28 thoughts on “Off Season Vlog 2 – Physio, Musclefood delivery & Y3T Shoulders

  1. Is that t shirt still available to buy what you wear in this video Ryan? Loving the content mate keep up that hardwork and grind 💪

  2. Good unique training session to confuse and stimulate the muscles, working out deep tissue layers definitely great way to put on that extra mass. Big ups from Australia

  3. Looking forward to more Y3T. Let’s see a week 3 leg workout!
    Is that Dan’s gym it looked like he was on the computer behind the front desk?

  4. One day, I would love to see you do what Kai Greene is doing and that is changing to a vegan diet. Better for you, better for the planet, better for the hundreds of animals you are not eating (watch Arnold's "The Game Changers"). It is the way of the future. Currently, there are no top Physique competitors who are vegans and being the first would bring you a true pioneer. I hope you will consider it.

  5. ryan est much and lift much hevy wheight. you are the best aver you are me Olympia go go go😁😁😁😁👊👊👊👊👊

  6. This serie is amazing, really i want watch the next video 🙏💪💪🙌 you can make of all body parts arms, chest, legs, really this videos are amazing champ 💪💪💪😎

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