Official Tennis Match Against ATP Player – Futures $15k | Highlights (TENFITMEN – Episode 81)

Watch highlights from my first round match in qualifying draw at Futures ($15k) tournament // Wondering how does it feel to play professional match? How to perform well in matches? How to play serve and volley in a match? How to play more aggressive tennis? How to hit big kick serves? How does it look like to beat ATP world ranked player?

In this video, Milan from TENFITMEN Tennis Impulse shares with you some highlights from his first official tournament match on clay courts this year. He also analyzes few points from the match and shares some of his thoughts during the match. Hope you enjoy it!

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29 thoughts on “Official Tennis Match Against ATP Player – Futures $15k | Highlights (TENFITMEN – Episode 81)

  1. He is scared of your serve. What I see is you have to slow it down a little leave the ball on your racket like Roger does. You're rushing your shots and your foot work do those little skip steps. Watch the ball hit your racket I saw it on a couple of your misses. I do the same thing I watched all the videos on how to keep my eye on the ball. What I found is to count 1, 2 one is contact and 2 is your eyes are still there at the contact point not looking at the net already. and it is all confidence. Keep telling your self you got this mainly you know how fast a match can go each shot esp how fast you guys are hitting its like the matrix how he just slows it down. I had a ping pong machine and I would put it on high speed I can hit them real fast back keeping up with the machine and they would be good but at the same speed I would just slow my returns down just by keeping it on the paddle more and it looked like 2 different speeds but it wasnt. Hope this helps.

  2. HOLY SMOKES. The guy in the BLUE SHIRT foot faulted so many times. Seriously all points go to the other dude. How did you not call those foot faults. That's the first thing I look at and make sure I call the person out. It throws them off the rest of the match. Unfair to have someone foot fault so much. Unbelievable.

  3. 2 things as a player I noticed was you should of took better advantage of his double faults and cut your return errors, your opponent missed almost every out wide serve on the ad side, and on points where he is taking control you hit right back to him with a good pace for him to keep moving you. Just giving my perspective homie goodluck👌🏼

  4. I just randomly got to this video and realized I played at this exact time on the court that was close to this one,crazy coincidence. I wasn't playing the tournament, I was just playing with a friend recreatively

  5. Great Video! Thanks for sharing. You definitely have a solid game…if I were giving my $0.02…say you were a bit tight to start….not moving forward enough through the ball…but who doesn't get tight in tennis??? Fantastic 2nd serve…a real weapon! Keep up the work and best of luck!

  6. amazing bro.. lots of support and credit to all your efforts to make things happen. What is your name though? I want to remember your name.

  7. Although it is a good quality video, I couldn't see the small opponent's face clearly. he looked very much like a Hungarian playr called Marcell Bartakovics. Was he your opponent here? Your serve and volley game is quite a good one, forehand is also. Your backhand drive however does not allow you to move to higher than Futures level… sorry to say, but keep up the good work.

  8. I enjoyed the video! Milan, if you look at 12:35 (when you shadowed a backhand) judging from your arms you look stiff to me and this might be a potential reason why you did some forehand mistakes. What do you think?

  9. I feel like you should just start doing long grunts on strokes when your forehand starts going long. Not a atp player but it looked like it was working. Helps release tension and nerves

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