28 thoughts on “OnePlus 7T: Unboxing & Review

  1. Great Phone, bought one yesterday. Dont like the design of the camera on the back but besides that i can't complain, one of the best phone i ever had/have, beautiful 90hz display, great speakers, very easy to optimize the everything with android 10 and all the New Features and so on… Didn't want to go for the 7 pro because i'm not a fan of pop up cameras as my Xiaomi mi 9 t pro has and zenfone 6 even if its not really a "pop up". really recommend oneplus 7T.

  2. Thank you, very nice review. I am switching from an iPhone 6s to the 7t so I need all the help (OS, Android, gestures). I can't wait to use this device

  3. Hi. At 00:19 the screenshot of the camera app in the recents scrolling shows your hand, but it definitely looks something else. 😂😂😂

  4. Does anyone have issues with the lack of proximity sensor / pocket mode? I've heard of a few reports, but unsure if it's just a very small minority or lazy reviewers not mentioning it (IIRC hardly any reviewers mentioned the lack of Notification LED on the 6T which was pretty slack of them).

  5. You said it was "a nice wide angle lens" but didn't mention what the focal length was. The aperture does not determine if a lens is wide.

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  7. Mike, it has been ages since I saw a review for you! Probably because most of my searches lately were mostly on Android. I do remember enjoying your very informative reviews about Apple products.
    Anyway, good to see that you're still doing a great job!


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