Here’s a video of SP Onikiri’s 3D model and also his skills.

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Disclaimer : I do not own any of the rights to this video and the IP Onmyoji. I will take down the video upon any requests to do so. My intention for uploading it to my channel is to spread awareness and to garner more players by hyping them up by teasing new shikigamis. I would never monetize this material for personal gain. As stated, will remove the video if needed.

source: https://samurai-weapons.net

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  1. 00:03 SP Onikiri artwork
    00:20 3D Model
    00:53 Ingame skills – animations and effects preview

    Information regarding his skills can be found here (Posted by u/stormstory
    ) : https://www.reddit.com/r/Onmyoji/comments/dynffe/sp_onikiri_skills_and_stats/

    ATK: 3404 (S), HP: 10937 (B), DEF: 340 (D), SPD: 119 (S), CRIT: 12% (S)

    Skill 1 (0 orb): Single target attack equal to 100% ATK.
    Lv. 2: 105%

    Lv. 3: 110%

    Lv. 4: 115%

    Lv. 5: 125%

    Skill 2 (0 orb, 1 turn cooldown): immune to move bar pushing effect and permanent damage reduction 20%. When he receives a basic attack, if he is not under any control effects, there is 30% of blocking the damage (translator's note: meaning reducing the damage to zero), and increase his move bar by 10%.

    This skill can be triggered to enter [Sword's Heart] mode for 1 turn. Also, if the spot for summon unit is empty, inflict [Sword Shadow] on 1 enemy and summon [Shadow Double].

    [Sword's Heart]: Immune to control effects, double the chance of blocking the damage, and if the damage blocking is triggered, the attacker is silenced for 1 turn. When SP Onikiri is in this mode, he cannot counter-attack and co-op. This mode disappears at the end of SP Onikiri's next turn.

    [Sword Shadow]: a mark on enemy which can only be seen by allies. The enemy with this mark needs to do a basic attack on SP Onikiri to remove this mark.

    [Shadow Double]: This summon unit cannot be targeted, inherits SP Onikiri's stats and lasts until the start of SP Onikiri's next turn. [Shadow Double] also disappears if [Sword Shadow] mark on enemy is removed. When SP Onikiri performs an attack, the [Shadow Double] performs the same attack on the enemy with [Sword Shadow] mark and then disappears.

    Lv. 2: Permanent damage reduction 30%.

    Lv. 3: When he receives a basic attack, if he is not under any control effects, there is 40% of blocking the damage.

    Lv. 4: Each time the damage blocking is triggered, increase the damage of the next attack by 30%, stacked up to 3 times.

    Lv. 5: When he receives fatal damage, recover 10% max HP and receive 100% crit res for 1 turn. This only triggers once per battle.

    Skill 3 (3 orbs): Single target attack equal to 263% ATK. If the target does not have debuff [Danger], inflict this debuff on the target for 2 turns.

    [Danger]: reduce healing by 50%. The next time the unit with this debuff receiving damage from SP Onikiri or his [Shadow Double], the damage ignores shield, cannot be shared, does not triggered the target's soul or passive, and then clear this debuff.

    Lv. 2: 276%

    Lv. 3: 289%

    Lv. 4: 302%

    Lv. 5: When in [Sword's Heart] mode, if SP Onikiri or his [Shadow Double] takes down an enemy with this skill, increase SP Onikiri's move bar by 80%.

  2. id rather call him JR instead of SP, dude what did they do to him? he got released as mf who sliced of ibarakis hand and stole his powers.. how did we end up here?

  3. Wait, his skills??! His animations look quite noice for him being smoll. Badass and Majestic >:D
    Is he more powerful than SSR Oni tho?

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