PaperLike matte screen protector review for the iPad. Versus a cheap alternative from Amazon.

Adding a matte screen protector to your iPad can transform your writing and drawing experience with your Apple Pencil. Making the surface of the iPad feel more like paper.
PaperLike are a well marketed option and I compare it against the cheapest option on Amazon from kwmobile. I take you through the whole process of installation and the advantages and disadvantages of both.

PaperLike [Amazon]: | kwmobile [Amazon]:
You can also get PaperLike direct for Germany – I ordered this way and found delivery very fast to the uk:

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44 thoughts on “PaperLike matte screen protector review for the iPad. Versus a cheap alternative from Amazon.

  1. Great review. There is one that I would love to know. at Ipad cover is it, that you showed at 4:10? I would love to know since it has a holder for the apple pencil and is not a hardshell one🤯!!!

  2. Just ordered Paperlike and I'm looking forward to a good drawing experience. I'm not aware of a film with the same characteristics of Paperlike, i.e., thought out for those who want to enjoy a near real paper writing /drawing experience in a total digital surface. Should you find a similar one, please post another comparison. Cheers…

  3. Can’t thank u enough for doing the screen and text comparison as I mainly use mine for reading, that comparison really helped making my decision, and u r r8 abt paperlike sponsorship, nobody shows their true colour…

  4. Hey can I you a question ! I not only take notes on iPad I also do gaming … can you tell me if the paperlike screen protector smooth enough for gaming ?

  5. I feel like if you have enough money to throw down on an iPad you should have enough to throw down on a good screen protector without worrying too much about price lol

  6. Thank you for this very thorough review. I was particularly glad you showed a comparison of how each of them affects the clarity as that helped me to decide on whether to go for the paper like. Much appreciated and subscribed 👍

  7. Thank you! Been looking for an unbiased review on the paperlike screen protector, now I’m finally willing to give it a try! 🙂

  8. Would you recommend them for reading 📖 if I like the paper experience from a book 📖
    The glass feeling puts me off from reading books on my iPad

  9. I once tried a matte protector and was disgusted by how it felt. But for art, the drag of a pencil greatly improves line quality – the problem with a slippery pen is that repetitive, fast, small movements become harder to control, and even, long lines become more wiggly as well. I notice too that when I draw with a real pen on paper, my shape design is much better and my sketches are more deliberate. Because of how ludicrously fast a slippery pen can go, making useless lines is far too easy. It’s not meant to be! I’ll get a new protector now I have the 2018 12.9”.

  10. Plz can you inform me about the dimension of the brown package…In which the paperlike for ipad pro 2018 is packed…I also want to import it to INDIA

  11. The Paperlike is incredibly overprized in my opinion. I’m a professional designer/illustrator and I bought 3x PET matte protector sheets by TR-Trading for €11,40 from Amazon. Works fine for me with my 12.9” iPad, the surface feels like an e-Reader. I have full control over my line structure which is very stable with the grainy texture. Just buy a cheap protector and when it’s fully worn out than replace it with another cheap one. Read the reviews of Paperlike, it gets worn out too with extensive use.

  12. Hi there, that was a great demo of how to apply a screen protector on an iPad – nice work! Speaking of dissipating the bubbles from your screen, our iVisor AG iPad screen protector is 100% bubble-free and washable for extended product life. I’ve let you the link here so you can take a look:

    Let us know your thoughts!
    – Moshi

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