PGA Tour winner Keith Mitchell takes on Mizuno’s R&D man Chris Voshall

On a cold December day we tracked up and coming PGA Tour pro Keith Mitchell around Sea Island GC to see what makes him tick. Chris Voshall from R&D kept him company. Mitchell plays his first Masters Championship this year after qualifying via his first PGA Tour win. Check Keith Mitchell’s club specs at


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27 thoughts on “PGA Tour winner Keith Mitchell takes on Mizuno’s R&D man Chris Voshall

  1. This is really great content, and it's what fans enjoy but the Mizuno media team need to invest in a gimbal, the camera shake is such a shame.

  2. I use mizuno golf clubs when I was an amateur until now but something is missing….a mizuno putter brand and it wouldnt be hard for players to purchase another putter and the ones who are sponsored like one of the cool legendary golfers which is luke donald in my opinion, I think he would not only like it but love it even the other players who were sponsored too so that everything matches in the bag of mizuno line from golf balls to irons,driver,hybrid,woods,wedges,apparel,footwear,headwear,and putters.That would be so awesome if everything is complete.We want to help sir to make mizuno better and show how japan brands make it more unique even when it comes to technology.I am not only wishing but also dreaminh of having a mizuno putter in my hands.Thank you and have a nice day.🙂

  3. Yaah man! Awesome yah I wish you guys make putters so that your golf players who are sponsored wouldnt use another brand and putter is important in the game of golf.Dont give give up and there is nothing impossible in life.1🙂

  4. I'm a big fan of mizuno golf club❤ brands they are super stunning.I hope this year and next year you would maintain a blue driver because thats what most of my golfer friends really loved about it even the blue wedges.We really love the blue color in the clubs because it shows the symbol of mizuno.One of my friends is blue water pets she is a golfer and some of my other golfer friends even me really want to have a mizuno putter and I hope you will make a mizuno putter that is blue because we want all our clubs in mizuno line.So we are really excited about that cant wait for it.Lastly,I love your mizuno golf balls😀 we hope you will work hard for it too and make a video what makes it more unique and cool because its a japanese brand so I hope you love our message about how we are obessesd at mizuno golf clubs.Dont give up and do the hard work to make mizuno the best clubs ever!😊The dates are getting close or near to buy your golf clubs its the number 1 list on my paper to really purchase it.🙂

  5. Chris Voshall made a whole lot of friends for Mizuno here in Canada with a bunch of really informative videos with TXG. Nice to see Keith Mitchell get a W.

  6. Can you guys create your own putter please😊I love to use everything made in mizuno I hope you will make a putter and its color blue.

  7. Brilliant vid Guys and no Corporate BS as you would get from certain other Golf Brands.
    Everything that you put out just underlines Mizuno as a Company with Integrity!

  8. Chris Voshall is such a legend! His stuff on TXG is awesome. Mitchell seems like a real cool guy too! Very refreshing. Mizuno are the coolest brand 🙂

  9. Keith is a cool cat. Kinda guy I'd like to hang with and gamble with. Easy to root for, great vid

    Btw: way to roll the rock Vosh!

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