Philips Hue Go Review with Apple HomeKit

I was thinking about adding another smart light for getting some more color and depth to my studio setup, and recently got the Philips Hue Go as a gift. Naturally, I wanted to bring my thoughts about this lamp to the channel, so you can see if the Philips Hue Go will work for you.

Philips Hue Go White and Color Portable Dimmable LED Smart Light
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5 thoughts on “Philips Hue Go Review with Apple HomeKit

  1. Hey Windy: little late to the game here, those lights have been out quite some time now. I have had mine for year maybe 18 months, my battery in them now only last about 30 minutes so it just stays plugged in. As far as normal usage just use your phone. Why would you buy a smart home device to turn it on with your hands. They obviously work with all voice assistance as well. No more touching the buttons (anywhere in the house).

  2. I gave up on Phillips hue. My lights are almost always unresponsive and randomly change colors without having any automations.

  3. Nice video. Crayola Crayon 🖍 names 😂 😂. I’ve always thought these were a little pricey (as with most hue products) for a small light, but they do look really cool. I’m a little surprised that HomeKit can’t maintain the light effects in a scene set from the hue app. I’ve seen some other products that are able to do that but never tried with hue products. Looks good in your new setup!

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