Pioneer DMH-1500NEX – Updated Apple Carplay and Android Auto

The DMH-1500NEX is an exceptional stereo for the $400 price tag. But what is it missing???

Pioneer DMH-1500NEX

Axxess ASWC-1 Steering Wheel Control Interface

SXV300V1 Sirius XM Connect Universal Satellite Radio Tuner

Mirroring Adapter iPhone

Mirroring Adapter Android

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20 thoughts on “Pioneer DMH-1500NEX – Updated Apple Carplay and Android Auto

  1. Can I play YouTube videos on my iPhone with the sound coming out of my car speakers while Apple maps or google maps show on the pioneer unit ?

  2. Never buy Pioneer HU until you watch issues of display! It delaminates and repair cost as high as HU itself !!!!! Will never purchase Pioneer HU ever again

  3. I wonder if anyone is gonna make a raspberry pi stereo deck, the new Pi 4 board boasts several features that might make it worthwhile, although the output to speakers and subs might be hard to perform

    Looks like someone has done what I was thinking:

    Maybe wanna take a look at it QMV?

  4. Pioneer: Adds wireless to the Head-unit
    User: Yes, finally I can use wireless Android auto and Mirror link to play YouTube video from the screen that doesn't cost an arm.

    Pioneer: Nope, its just for the unusable Weblink app.
    Also Pioneer: No HD/Capacitive touch screen because its a DISTRACTION. Low res screens will make you focus on the road more because they ugly.

    James: Say hello to your mother.
    Pioneer: Left the chat.

  5. Honestly if I'm spending 500+ I want at least 720p HD and 900+ to be HD, for 200 dollars I can get a full HD phone, but for 900 i get a 720p?

  6. I think once people become aware of the acceptable quality of the Chinese android headunit and all they offer, the traditional stereo manufacturers are going to be hurt badly

  7. Seriously. I'm so tired of these non HD, non capacitive touch screen stereos! My wife needs a new one but we can't spend $900 on a car stereo.

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