Planet Zoo REVIEW Is it ANY GOOD? | Planet Zoo Is it ANY GOOD? Sim UK

Planet Zoo REVIEW Is it ANY GOOD?

Welcome to Sim UK Planet Zoo Is It ANY GOOD?.

I share my thoughts and findings on Planet Zoo in this Planet Zoo Review.

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30 thoughts on “Planet Zoo REVIEW Is it ANY GOOD? | Planet Zoo Is it ANY GOOD? Sim UK

  1. New subscriber here (just recently found your channel).
    I was just wondering; What would be the benefit to buying this game at full price, considering the bugs and the current state, instead of holding off a couple of months? It seems to me that waiting for the bugs to be squashed and simultaneously getting it at a reduced price is worth a bit of a wait. Are there any good reasons not to wait?

  2. Plus kids are in the game. Imagine the hate Frontier would get if a tiger mauled some kids to death in our virtual zoos. Also, that guest grouping happens in JWE too I've noticed. However, no kids exist in that game.

  3. I just wanna leave this comment for anyone wanting to buy the game – I have a five year old msi Apache pro with a 970gtx and I run the game just fine. My computer is hotter than hell but I’ve played with normal graphics for about 50 hours and have only had one crash, but the auto save made sure I only lost a couple minutes work

  4. Awesome review, very well informed and I will definitely look for future updates and optimization and buy it as soon as it's good enough 🙂

  5. Very happy to see you taking a look at this game. I love it despite all the bad things that you mentioned. Hope to see you making some more videos about this!

  6. Genuinely honest review!! I am eager to play, but I may just hold off a while until some of the bugs and issues have been fixed.

  7. Very very good review, I just have one question? What do you mean with "decent PC"? My PC is 2 years old, and I would really like to Play on 60 FPS. So what are ur specs?

  8. I wanted it but I had to decide between this and Death Stranding. I like Death Stranding a lot but yeah. Hopefully they patch Planet Zoo in the coming month so when I get it eventually its even better lol.

    Anyway, thanks for the review Mike.

  9. Thank you for posting an actual review and for giving us your honest impressions. No one else seems to be doing that (even when their click-bait titles say “review”), and we all appreciate it

  10. Love your points. Frontier doesn't seem to be known for their management aspect of games ie Planet Coaster. It's a shame, their games are great eye candy and I love the creativity but yeah there are things that don't make sense and things that we should (and the game) care about but isn't. I have to admit the beta was a buggy mess and the released version is better but still needs a lot of work.

  11. Like any building sim ill wait a few months so they can iron out the bugs and add a few features but looking good for launch

  12. Great review Mike and I think you're doing a great job on the creative side.
    Even down to your intro, the elephant smashing your logo. Come off it man,, you're very talented 😁👍

  13. A fair review when it is almost impossible to get unbiased ones anymore. I am at 73 hours and only had 1 crash so far, the auto saves meant I lost about 2 minutes work. I would say not everyone is having these issues and I think that should have been pointed out, it seems to mostly be affecting Franchise mode rather than the other 3. Also the offline franchise mode has been included from day 1, it is called challenge I think and is on the front menu. I agree the game time is fast, if you play sandbox you can turn a lot of options off like animal deaths etc.

  14. Really good review, thank you! I'm sitting on my hands to hold off buying this until there's been a few more patches but I'm not sure I'll be able to hold off for…more…than a…few….days 🙂

  15. Great review! I think I will hold off getting this until the bugs get sorted and they fix the annoying aspects of the game.

    The fact that in game days take about 3 seconds is a really deal breaker for me. I want to play in a more relaxed fashion where one can appreciate and get to know each animal.

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