Playing with Biu Biu Soul Owais Scoutop | OP team asf | PUBG Mobile live

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Rank :- Season 7 Ace Conqueror (coming soon)
Device :- iPhone XS Max
Gameplay :- 4 finger claw
PUBG ID :- 534339041


PC Specs :-
CPU :- Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU @2.70 GHz 2.71 GHz
GPU :- Nvidia Ge Force GTX 1050-Ti 4 GB
RAM :- 8 GB DDR 5
Hard Disk :- SSD 240 GB


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24 thoughts on “Playing with Biu Biu Soul Owais Scoutop | OP team asf | PUBG Mobile live

  1. Bhai scout k sath tera gameplay dekha tha lekin pta nhi tha k tum stream v krte ho aaj sos pe video dekhi to subscribe kr diya …op gameplay bro ..beast op

  2. Bhai Maine tera gameplay dekha hai too op, akele hi pel deta hai, aur kisi chutiye ki baaton ko Dil pe mat Liya kar, jo tujhe noob Bolte hai wo khud Ko dekhle pahle

  3. Hello dude
    Your game is so good
    In start the way you killed that squad was v nice.
    But during the game i felt that you are very being nice to the soul and scout…
    Like gun lelo mujhse(Knsi chahiye)
    And if this is your attitude… And you want to go with it
    Than never ever change it…
    Be consistent…
    Attitude is everything.
    Kisi k aagay lgny ki zarorat nhi hay…

  4. I Was In Nainital for trip So Couldn't watch ur stream but back to home nd first thing was ur stream nd dude ma ki * haters ki u are not noob u are very fine player dude u are among best out there ! 😍😍😍

  5. Love from Bangladesh brother!You are not noob at all bhai!!Saw your squad wipes!!we are not even close to yours..I tried a lot but after 4 months of trying i thing pubg is not for me…i loved this game so much but in vein

  6. Bro visiting first time and u made me crying…❤️😢 U cried coz u prove to those haters that u r not noob…❤️❤️❤️

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